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Crypto OG’s Win the Award for the Best Web 3 Podcast of the Year at The AIBC Eurasia Awards 2023

Andrés Meneses and his team from the Crypto OGs have won big at the AIBC Eurasia Awards 2023, walking away with the title of Web 3 Podcast of the Year for 2023.

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The 14th of March saw Andrés Meneses and his team from the Crypto OGs win big at the AIBC Eurasia Awards 2023, walking away with the title of Web 3 Podcast of the Year for 2023. held as part of the Dhabi Summit.

The AIBC World Summit is a series of conferences aimed at bringing together many of the world’s best experts from several emerging industries, including FinTech, blockchain, AI, Cryptocurrency, the IoT as well as NFTs. The AIBC World Summit was initially founded in Malta in 2018, and now spans five continents, with events in Asia, the Americas, Balkans/CIS, Europe and Eurasia.

The team from the Crypto OGs created the first-ever podcast that is solely dedicated to Web3.0. Covering not only the technology that is driving this space, but also the people and the projects who are critical to this space. The first podcast went live only five months ago on the 27th of September 2023, and has gone from strength to strength, ranking as the number one podcast on Binance Live with nearly 50k listeners.

The Crypto OGs team were heavily involved at the AIBC World Summit, producing 10 podcasts on the event, participating in two panels as well as an interview with Gary Vaynerchuk, better known as Gary Vee. These podcasts all centre around the same goal – helping create informed choices for the listeners.

The award stands as a testament to the hard work and commitment from Andrés Meneses and the Crypto OGs team all of whom have put in countless hours towards ensuring the podcast serves crypto investors, enthusiasts and users from all levels of the crypto community. By helping to provide access to information and opinions on the Web3.0 space, listeners are able to make informed choices and act accordingly.

When interviewed about this award, Andrés had the following to say:

“We are humbled to have been recognised with this award. The team have put in countless hours and have dedicated themselves to growing and sharing the knowledge we have in the Web3 space. We will continue to produce engaging content that helps educate and empower others with the tools to make informed decisions. This award is not only for us, but for all of our guests, behind the scenes team and of course our listeners”

Looking to the future, AIBC is heading to its America’s summit on the 14th-17th of June, in São Paulo, Brazil. With the expectation of an even bigger audience, the Crypto OGs (with more than half the team originally from Latin America, and speaking with Spanish or Portuguese) will be looking to utilise this a springboard to grow their following in the Latin market and further grow the podcast and reach to their target audience.

For more information on the Andrés Meneses and the team from Crypto OGs , check out the details below:

Contact Person: Paz Gonzalez
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