Crypto News: Big Eyes Big On Presale And Lido DAO Has A Proposal To Sort

Big Eyes Coin is a new memecoin project big on presale and making huge numbers. The project has raised about $21 million and is looking to close out the presale round at $24 million. Big Eyes first emerged as a promising token after it raised $1 million in its first week of presale in a supposedly poor market condition. 

This caught the attention of most investors, and they have continued to add the memecoin to their bags. It still sells cheaply on presale and leaves an opportunity for early investors to make some massive profit after launch. This would be like owning some Dogecoin(DOGE) before Elon Musk posted about it in 2021.

Lido DAO is a governance protocol on the ethereum blockchain that powers several DeFi activities and is behind the liquid staking token stETH(staked ether). The DAO is in some situation following a proposal to allow withdrawals from stETH as Ethereum’s Shanghai fork draws closer. The proposal in view might not be a good move for the DAO, but that is left to the community to decide.

Several projects prefer the DAO model because it collectively involves all users and stakeholders in a network. Big Eyes is also adopting the governance model to promote growth in its ecosystem and make it a working meta for emerging memecoin projects. This is only one of the many innovative features Big Eyes aims to bring to its ecosystem.

Lido DAO(LDO) – Decentralization Made Easy

Lido DAO(LDO) is a cutting-edge decentralized autonomous organization that provides liquid staking solutions on the ethereum blockchains and well as other PoS networks, including Polygon(MATIC), Solana(SOL), Polkadot(DOT), and Kusama(KSM). The protocol lets users liquidate their holdings and utilize them for other protocols by first locking up the asset. When users deposit their crypto tokens into the network, this yield-generating process allows them to obtain a tokenized version of the staked tokens on a 1:1 ratio which they can use to perform other DeFi on-chain activities.

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On the surface, Lido DAO’s plan to permit withdrawals from stETH appears normal and conforms to the Shanghai hard fork’s expectations. Users will submit a withdrawal request to the “WithdrawalQueue” smart contract, which will compute the redemption rate and reserve the necessary amount of ether. Withdrawals will then be processed in the order that they are received. Issues could arise that could cause delays in the withdrawals, penalization of Lido validators, or users receiving less than the ETH staked initially. This was an issue recently highlighted by Galaxy.

Big Eyes(BIG) Hints At A Launch

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Big Eyes is a new memecoin project looking to push the boundaries of the memecoin landscape. The memecoin is looking to use cutting-edge blockchain utilities to power its ecosystem and create wealth for its users. The memecoin landscape has contributed to significant market uptrends in the past few years, and Big Eyes is primed to create another excitement.

Big Eyes is launching on the Ethereum blockchain and will use the resources at its disposal to push itself further above existing memecoin projects. Big Eyes is using cat memes as opposed to the unidirectional use of dog memes in the memecoin landscape. This unique approach helps create an exciting narrative for the memecoin as the community pushes for the perceived rivalry with dog memecoins.

A new scheme has been initiated – LOOTBOXES. A reference to the exciting mystery levels you often get in games. These boxes offer BIG tokens that could bag as much as $100k. With no potential for making a loss – at the very least you’ll make the money back you invested in Big Tokens. You can also try before you buy, giving you the option to see exactly how this cool new feature works. 

With the potential of Big Eyes becoming as big as Dogecoin(DOGE), early investors have a lot to gain, and the presale remains a decent entry for anyone who wants to make a profit. The Big Eyes presale is still selling fast; you can join here. Use the promo code BIGEYESLAUCNH200 to claim a 200% bonus on your purchase.




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