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Crypto Inu Launches the Defi Deflationary Token, to have Charity Support

Crypto Inu Launches the Defi Deflationary Token, to have Charity Support

The Crypto Inu team is thrilled to introduce a Defi Deflationary Token with the Charity Support. The team aims to take the real estate investment in the Metaverse Universe to new heights.

According to the team, “Crypto Inu is an immersive multiplayer board game with 3D and VR modes that incorporates metaverse real estate investment.”

Hence, players can own, trade, sell, and collect Non-Fungible Token (NFT) assets.

Players therefore allowed to own virtual real estate in this competitive and fun game. They can also customize some aspects of the cities within the cities with their owned NFT assets such as buildings, character avatars, and a marketplace for trading in the metaverse

The primary objective is to give players a multilayer blockchain real estate game where they can accumulate wealth and avoid financial insolvency by investing in real estate and asset investments.

Crypto Inu Features

  1.     Virtual Event Host

Book clubs, meetups, and other virtual events are some of the virtual events that can be hosted on the game. Users can also bring their DJs for dance parties and concerts. The team is working on incorporating guest counts and events for tournament challenges in the future.

  1.     Real Estate Investment

Users can own land NFTs that gives them a piece of the board, which can multiply the winnings by staking the $ABCD token and owning assets.

  1.     Monopoly-esque

Users who are familiar with the Monopoly game won’t have a difficult time understanding this game because they share some similarities.

A major distinction between the two is that a social aspect has been integrated into the Crypto Inu game unlike the Monopoly game.

About ABCD

ABCD is Crypto Inu’s sticker. Each letter of the token signifies an important feature of the token. These are:

A: Anonymous

B: Blockchain

C: Crypto

D: Decentralized

Crypto Inu Functions

While explaining how the game works, the team noted that “Crypto Inu $ABCD is a journey where players will use digital tokens to enter the game, stake and earn rewards and compete to build an exclusive Dream Lifestyle within the crypto space.

The game is designed to be fun and competitive, allowing players to own virtual real estate, and customize aspects of the cities within the metaverse with owned NFT assets including their character avatars, and buildings, with a marketplace to acquire and trade.





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