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Despite the increasing popularity of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, only a few web hosts accept payments in cryptocurrencies today. Moreover, only some are fast and reliable enough to host a website. You shouldn’t sacrifice features, performance, and security out of a desire for privacy when purchasing asic hosting.

Most of the big companies are still exploring the bitcoin hosting market. In this case, small services are leading the way. And while some of them supply phenomenal hosting answers, others are a formula for defeat. The fine information is that there are several large-scale hosting providers accepting cryptocurrency.

What we examined when selecting the best web hosts that accept Bitcoin

Each web hosting service provider on this list provides the following:

  • Settlement through a cryptocurrency payment platform: Some smaller providers offer customers to pay for their services, but it is much easier to transfer funds through a well-known cryptocurrency payment platform. Bitcoin is accepted by all companies, with most of them also accepting other cryptocurrencies.
  • Reliable uptime and quality of service: I chose only quality hosts you can trust, with guaranteed high uptime (above 99.9%) and high speed. It is worth remembering that foreign hostings are sometimes located very far from your target audience, which can affect page loading speed.
  • Sufficient disk space and high network bandwidth: these resources are significant to your website, no matter how much you pay. None of the providers on this list will offer you a ridiculous 500 MB disk space that will run out after the first backup.
  • Payment for a domain name with Bitcoin: These hosts allow Payment for a domain name with cryptocurrency, meaning the purchase cannot be linked to your bank account.
  • Additional features to protect privacy: The primary purpose of cryptocurrency is to protect the owner’s privacy. If only your movement of funds is hidden and everything else is freely available, cryptocurrency will help a little. So these companies have also invested in other means to protect the anonymity of their users.
  • Choose the right web hosting service with Bitcoin payment.
  • There are downsides to paying with Bitcoin, as you won’t be capable of starting your account right away. Due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, payment confirmation can take several hours or more: who knows how much you will receive by requesting a refund if such a situation arises?

And yet, if privacy, anonymity, and the support of the cryptocurrency user community are not empty words for you, you have many alternatives to the Bitcoin currency. The money transfer cannot be linked to you, and offshore hosting will protect you as much as possible from interference and surveillance by government agencies.

Mining with minimal time

In the eyes of most hosting clients, the most important advantage of mining via a hosting partner is comfort. Bitcoin mining is a developing field where some costs and considerations are only sometimes obvious and require specialized knowledge. The main mining costs are:

  • machinery;
  • electricity to power the machinery;
  • a building to house the machinery.

Nevertheless, any miner soon discovers that costs, at first glimpse, may appear optional, usually become essential.

A mechanism is needed to prevent mining rigs from overheating if there is no natural cooling system. These machines not only generate a lot of heat but also make noise at a level that is unacceptable for living quarters. With all these extra references, the convenience of a single service handling each element of the mining procedure makes hosting the desired choice for numerous would-be miners.

Investment in bitcoin mining

Besides the counted convenience, hosted mining is also appealing for the ease of sense it presents users. Clients can feel comfortable understanding their machines are mining safely without any intake from a relied hosting partner. This makes users to focus just on their income and not the hard work required to maintain it. It turns mining from an activity into the investment.

In a way, owning a hosted mining farm parallels owning real estate. Investors hold a physical asset, in this case, a building, and exit it in the hands of a property manager to take out day-to-day processes while the investor obtains their monthly rent checks. When it comes to mining, hosting providers usually show a window into the mining knowledge via an app or website so that clients can follow their routine and see how their devices are hashing.


Investing in bitcoin through remote mining is seen as an underdeveloped area in which no giant monopolists are dictating the rules to the market, and, by and large, there are no rules. At the same time, joining the market is easy: there is no requirement for enormous assets, but there is a visible possibility for regular passive earnings.

An investor in hosting mining has to monitor the process of the equipment and make important conclusions for which a fundamental understanding of the principles of behavior of the cryptocurrency market is sufficient. The assistance provider launched the most significant and most demanding part of the work – providing the smooth functioning of the equipment, assistance, and operational control.

Consequently, mining via a hoster is a profitable investment instrument for those looking for a quiet, stable income with a high chance of payback. We recommend hosting mining for those who want to make money on cryptocurrency mining. It is not hard but rewarding. 


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