Crypto gaming boom: Coins and Skins goes live with $1 million token presale, Bitpanda Pro ex-CTO joins the club!, a gaming superexchange is fired up to onboard the next wave of traders, gamers and gaming studios onto web3 gaming with their exchange token $SKINS. 

NEW YORK, NY, Jan, 22, 2024: After making a stellar debut in their mini presale, the platform launched their $1 million presale of $SKINS tokens on 17th January. Coins and Skins is positioned as a one stop gaming exchange for traders, crypto gamers and gaming NFT holders. Holders of $SKINS native tokens will have access to fee rebates and additional rewards when trading gaming assets on the platform.

Coins and Skins have a dual marketplace. The platform will offer a range of gaming and non gaming crypto tokens and a wide range of in-game assets, NFTs and collectibles. The superexchange is set to go live in Q1 2024. 

The platform closed its first presale clocking 4.8 Million $SKINS in record time. The phase II of $SKINS presale also made a stellar opening clocking $150k in approximately 15 minutes!

Jamie North, co-founder of Coins and Skins commented, “This whole time we have been assessing the way users interact with crypto games, NFT and game avatars. Through these development sprints we realized that there’s more that this industry can offer to the gamer community and this is why we have decided to carry the GameFi torch.” 

A glance at the token presale

Token Name: $SKINS

Network: Ethereum

Token Standard: ERC-20

Pre sale amount: 24 million $SKINS

Pre sale date & time: 17th January 5 pm UTC

Platforms to buy $SKINS:,

‘’I am also glad to announce that Aaron Hammond, CTO, (ex-Bitpanda Pro) has joined us and will be leading the core infrastructure development of the marketplace” He has been instrumental in building innovative solutions for crypto and web3 platforms” Sunny Dilgeer, co-founder of Coins and Skins added.  

The project is turning into a beacon of change and revolution for the crypto gaming space. The platform promises to offer wide accessibility into gaming assets for gaming communities. To know more about Coins and Skins have a look at their official lightpaper

As the crypto gaming boom continues to gain momentum, Coins and Skins emerges as a promising contender with its ambitious token presale and the strategic addition of a seasoned professional from Bitpanda Pro. The convergence of cryptocurrencies and gaming is undoubtedly reshaping the landscape of both industries, and Coins and Skins appears poised to play a significant role in this exciting journey. Keep an eye on this innovative platform as it unfolds the next chapter in the thrilling narrative of crypto gaming.

About Coins and Skins 

Coins and Skins is a pioneering web3 gaming platform, dedicated to integrating blockchain technology into the gaming ecosystem. With a focus on empowering gamers through ownership and control of digital assets, it offers a unique gaming superexchange and NFT marketplace.

Built by industry veterans with extensive experience in gaming and crypto trading, the platform provides access to a wide array of gaming cryptos, NFTs, and in-game assets. It actively researches gaming projects, collaborates with gaming studios for tokenization, and values community feedback. Committed to security and efficient transactions, Coins and Skins is shaping the future of gaming in the blockchain era.

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