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Crypto ETF Exchange ETFSwap (ETFS) Enters UK Market, Raises $1.5 Million In Days


The new trending Ethereum-based crypto ETF exchange platform, ETFSwap (ETFS), has shown excellent prospects since coming into the fold. In recent development, the innovative platform has raised a substantial $1.5 million just days after entering the UK market. As a result, this article will explore why the platform is gaining traction from the crypto community.

UK Investors Show Huge Belief In The Crypto ETF Exchange

ETFSwap (ETFS) is an emerging decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that enables access to institutional exchange-traded funds (ETFs) by tokenizing them on its innovative platform. The services offered on this unique infrastructure have caught the interest of major crypto investors in the United Kingdom (UK) after it was recently sieved into their market. Despite the UK’s skepticism over new crypto projects, ETFSwap (ETFS) has raised over $1.5 million, reaffirming the UK crypto community’s belief in it.

Because of this platform, crypto users and investors in the UK can now own and invest in a wide range of tokenized institutional exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and cryptocurrencies, as the forefront ETFSwap (ETFS) has bridged the gap between the traditional finance (TradFi) markets and decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. This approach allows them to enjoy the advantages, such as accessibility and innovation, provided by the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. 

The tokenization of global assets has come to stay, and ETFSwap (ETFS) is spearheading that sector. Unlike other platforms, ETFSwap offers a seamless and user-friendly interface, making it easy for even novice investors to participate in the DeFi market. The Ethereum-based network goes beyond just creating a DeFi platform that tokenizes assets; it makes trading liquid and fun. 

Several crypto ETF platforms are carved in a way that makes trading activities cumbersome. However, the ETFSwap (ETFS) crypto ETF exchange infrastructure offers market-making and perpetual futures services that make trading liquid and efficient. Moreover, they can also utilize its 10x leverage tool and amplify their gains. 

By creating an infrastructure for trading diverse crypto ETFs seamlessly, ETFSwap (ETFS) promotes the trading of ETFs beyond the conventional asset classes, enabling users and investors to gain knowledge on other sectors while diversifying their portfolios. In addition to crypto ETFs, users can also choose to trade in sectors such as real estate, art, leveraged ETFs, , fixed-income ETFs, technology, or energy, among others. 

Regarding security, the platform has addressed the never-ending DeFi insecurity discourse by creating an infrastructure resistant to cyberattacks. This is achieved through a combination of advanced encryption, authentication, and regular security audits. To reiterate this point further, CyberScope, a leading blockchain and cryptocurrency security firm, has run a comprehensive audit on the ETFSwap (ETFS) blockchain, with results showing that investors’ assets are well secured. 

Further, ETFSwap (ETFS) does not require KYC verification to access its platform. Therefore, users and investors can rest assured that they can trade anonymously without the fear of being doxxed. This move has been applauded by small and middle-scale investors, who are often on the receiving end of interference by banks and the government. 

ETFSwap (ETFS) Presale Stage 1 Is Almost Sold Out; Get In Now!

The ETFSwap (ETFS) presale has grown sporadically, causing a frenzy in the crypto community. Seasoned and new investors are plodding into the platform, aiming to maximize their returns, resulting in over 65 million tokens already sold out. 

The ETFSwap ecosystem is powered by ETFS, a deflationary native token built on the Ethereum network. Holding ETFS tokens not only provides access to the ETFSwap platform and discounts on trading fees but also offers staking rewards, passive incomes, and voting rights. These benefits are designed to reward early adopters and incentivize long-term participation in the ETFSwap platform. 

The ongoing ETFSwap (ETFS) presale Stage 1 presents a thrilling investment opportunity for early investors, priced at just $0.00854. The next stage is projected to see a significant price increase, potentially selling as high as $0.01831. This could mean a 100% return on investment for early investors, a prospect that should not be overlooked. 

Crypto experts have forecasted that ETFSwap (ETFS) could sell as high as $4 when listed. This has made investors frantic as presale Stage 1 sells out fast. By investing now, you can also take advantage of the presale to secure your future. 

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