Cryfi Brings Blockchain-Verified Trading Signals to Growing Crypto Community

Cryfi Brings Blockchain-Verified Trading Signals to Growing Crypto Community

With more and more people entering the crypto trading space, pro traders are increasingly looked up to as sources of good trading advice. The problem is, it’s not possible to truly verify someone’s trading skills, opening the door to the danger of scams.

Such is the sentiment that drove CEO Yura Mizin to found Cryfi, a blockchain-verified trading signal platform. With a leaderboard of signal providers backed by Proof-of-Signal and bolstered by managed subscription channels, fee collection and promotion, it’s a perfect answer for pro traders looking to transparently grow a community in a professional manner. Meanwhile, traders can share, adjust and automatically implement their signals with their favorite CEX or DEX via API, and learn from the best traders in the space in exclusive trading courses and closed groups.

Mizin likens the platform to a passport for traders to showcase their capabilities — anyone can become a signal provider, as the leaderboard will let everybody’s track record speak for themselves.

See Cryfi in action in this video: 

Founder Pass NFTs Offer Exclusive Platform Perks

On May 3, Cryfi is launching the Founder Pass: a limited edition collection of 430 utility NFTs. Early supporters who purchase an NFT will enjoy a wide variety of exclusive perks on the Cryfi platform. There are two tiers of NFTs being made available: Shark Pass NFTs cost USD 300 each, with 404 total NFTs available. Whale Pass NFTs cost USD 3,000 each, with only 26 NFTs available.

The Shark Pass targets novice traders. It grants NFT holders a lifetime subscription to Cryfi Pro, which will allow traders to copy signals and technical analysis on the live chart, along with  discounted fees when implementing signals on a centralized exchange. They’ll also have lifetime access to trading courses created by Cryfi’s top traders. Other perks include early access to new features and beta testing, membership in a closed discussion group with the top 100 traders on Cryfi’s leaderboard (minus the top ten), airdrops, a spot on Cryfi’s token whitelist, and more.

The Whale Pass is dedicated to Cryfi’s ambassadors. Whale Pass NFT holders get all of the benefits of the Shark Pass, plus much more. They will receive 10% of the profits generated from all paid promotions on the Cryfi platform, a 25% permanent discount on running promotions for the holder’s own channel, and forever access to a single signal channel that doesn’t cost more than USD 150 per month. Other benefits include an increased token whitelist allocation, personal signal provider mentoring, and membership in an elite closed discussion group with Cryfi’s top 10 traders.

The whitelist is already open for the upcoming NFT sale, with an ongoing Galxe campaign supporting signups on a first-come-first-served basis. To join the whitelist, simply sign up on Galxe and complete the social tasks. The top 50 participants will earn a guaranteed chance to purchase Founder Pass NFTs, and all participants will be entered in raffles with USD 6,000 worth of Founder Pass NFT prizes available.

Galxe campaign official link:

Cryfi’s Blockchain-Verified Roadmap to Riches

Cryfi just launched their Alpha version MVP (minimum viable product) as a Telegram Mini App that enables efficient sharing of trading signals in existing Telegram trading communities. The app also integrates with Binance via API for automated execution of trading strategies.

Cryfi’s full-featured web-app platform is coming soon in Q3 2024. This will include blockchain-verified trading signals, the leaderboard, channel subscriptions, and more. The Founder Pass NFT sale is a precursor to the official launch event, bringing in an enthusiastic community of users right from the very start.

The company also plans to launch their $CRFY token in early 2025. Token integration into the platform will bring a number of new features, such as per-signal payments.

A number of key partners will also bring additional capabilities to the platform. Analog is bringing multi-chain price queries and signal trading. Copin is bringing their own on-chain pro traders to the Cryfi platform. Crypto Arsenal is going to implement Cryfi’s signals for market analytics, and Yoki Finance will make it possible to subscribe to trading channels with cryptocurrency. Other features to be onboarded by third party providers include algorithm trading, copytrading, AI bots and trading bots.

For more information about Cryfi, see their official website and social channels.

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