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Crush the Books: The Solution to Learning About the Sports Handicapping Industry with Jiwan Emre

Crush the Books

Billions of people worldwide are stuck in their nine-to-five routines, wishing an opportunity would present itself so they could make money doing something they love, like a favorite hobby. But unless they take charge and put the effort in themselves, nothing will come along to save them. Jiwan Emre realized this quickly and decided to launch his own business specializing in sports handicapping.

After seeing misinformation and lazily thrown-together products, Jiwan knew it was time to take matters into his own hands, and thus created Crush The Books. The company’s primary focus is to provide educated sports handicapping advice while also teaching clients about the handicapping industry as a whole and offering thorough advice on the ins and outs. Their goal is to help their clients make as much money as possible while also setting them up to potentially start their own businesses.

Crush The Books also has a range of sports handicapping packages, each with detailed information on a wide variety of sports. Clients looking to take the extra step and pursue the industry full-time can even become a member of the mentorship program, which has thorough tips and resources to make things as convenient and easy as possible.

To ensure the company is performing at top quality, Jiwan and his team reach out to clients to hear their feedback. This is done through one-on-one conversations, sending out surveys, and listening to each comment. It’s crucial as a business owner to listen to clients and use their reviews to better the business, and for Jiwan, this has resulted in an authentic and transparent bond with each individual.

The success of the business is thanks to Jiwan, as well as his team of experts. “It’s important to hire a team and staff made up of those who are passionate and excel in business,” he says. By being on the same page and treating each other like family, the entire team can work together in harmony to provide top-tier information and innovative ideas, and increase brand presence.

Despite the consistent success of the business, there have understandably been a few roadblocks along the way. Every entrepreneur makes a mistake at some point in their career, and for Jiwan, that was when his bankroll dried up due to poor management skills and discipline. It pushed him to quickly learn how to control a bankroll and what steps to take to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Since then, he’s had no problem scaling his brand and creating a positive environment for clients to come and educate themselves on the world of sports handicapping. His trial and error have led him to find the formula that works best for his business, and Jiwan hopes to help others find the same for theirs.

To keep up with the company yourself and learn more about their packages and programs, you can find them on their Instagram, @crush.the.books.

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