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Crop Images Effortlessly with a few Click for Free on

Do you engage in digital content creation, create social media/platforms posts, archive lasting time periods of your life time; It’s all-important that you touch up your images before saving or showing them or uploading. There is no iota of doubt that there are many image cropping tools out there but presents a unique approach that makes your experience ten times better and faster. 

Crop or cropping tools have proven to be a valuable technique that gives the best results. Image crop tool is an easy and effective technique that aids the removal of the unwanted parts of pictures or images in order to enable its viewable apprehension. Here is what you stand to benefit; modification of the ratio of the aspects, object focus,enhanced composition and overall change orientation, cropping of images to specific size or dimensions and many more. Your desired images can be cropped  to diverse shapes such as your smartphone screen size, circle, square and other sizes you wish to crop. 

Utilize the crop tool on without much stress

The reality is that there abound on the internet many tools but the high ranked are either paid for or premium tools. However, has come to enable you to crop your images easily and  quickly on the website. All you need to do is go through the website and learn how it works as it doesn’t require any installation of software. The website accepts various image  formats such as;  JPG, PNG, WEBP images and many others.

How does it work when cropping images?

To crop  an image or picture on is not a herculean task. The process is simplified on this website for you to have a memorable time and these are what to do below; 

Search out the website and locate the crop tool which is the second option on the website. Firstly, click the button and upload your images and using the rectangular area to enclose images,  tap the button to begin the simple process. 

Also, drag your images or picture to the crop box corner and freehand crop to get the best composition until it meets your desired output. Use the option provided to keep it at the original state or in the aspect ratio.Afterwards, download the images to your device in your desired formats. 

Free crop tool for social platforms upload crop tool is free on the website and available for free usage no matter the size of image you aspire to obtain. It doesn’t matter the sizes required by any social media platforms such as Instagram photo, Facebook cover, WhatsApp status , YouTube images/thumbnail and many more. After getting the desired size, you can upload the image to your social media platforms. 

Crop high-resolution images and retain quality downloadable images

You don’t have to hesitate on using the crop tool on based on the notion of not being able to retain the quality of your images after downloading. Go ahead and  crop whatever images you have and still retain the desired quality. It is available for free and the sizes of the images uploaded isn’t a barrier to having a smooth process. Try and await the wonders performed by this topnotch crop tool.

Not this, image cropping may reduce the size of pixels. During the stretching process, the image is trimmed which may result in the decrease in the quality of the image. Hence, you have to use high-resolution images when utilizing the crop tool. 

Here is a wonderful opportunity that allows  you to crop images to near perfection before uploading to any platforms.


Is this website good  for cropping all types of pictures/images?

Yes, allows you to crop images in all formats but should be of high-resolution quality in order  to get the best result. 

How do I crop a JPEG image?

Visit and upload the JPEG image to start the process. Select the size and change the pixels to your desired place. Tap the apply button and save or download your  image. 

What can I  do to crop images faster?

Visit and crop the images effortlessly for free within a short period of time. Simply upload your image, select a size and in a few taps crop and download to your device. 

How do I cut an aspect of an image? is freely made available to perform this option. Upload the image, enlarge it and cut by using the corner of the box to get the perfect size. It can be done in minutes without wasting your time.


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