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Cricket In Olympics: When Will Cricket Be Included In The Olympics?

Play Cricket In the Olympics

It’s been a long time since cricket authorities are trying to be part of the Olympics which is the pinnacle of sporting events taking place globally. But somehow the International Cricket Council failed to convince International Olympics Committee (IOC) so far.

So far, cricket has only featured once in the Olympics which was held way back in 1900 with only two teams, host France and England (Great Britain) participating in the event.

What are the factors that are not making it feasible for the IOC to include Cricket in the Olympics? Below are a few reasons which we think are the biggest obstacles to cricket induction in the Olympics.

Longevity of the Game

Cricket, unlike other games, needs more time to get completed. Previously it was only Test Cricket so it was almost impossible to give 5 days to a single match during the event. Then, Cricket introduces a shorter format that can be completed in one day but still takes more time than other games taking place.

Host Countries

Cricket is not as popular as other individual sports and its presence in Europe and the American regions has just started. Olympics mostly take place in regions where Cricket is not very famous so it is hard to get the matches organized in these countries.

It is also pertinent to note that the Olympic games had not been staged in any test-playing nations so far. This suggests that Cricket needs to be played on many other continents so that it generates viewership as well, just like people look for live streaming of IPL through TV or the internet.


Cricket is a specific sport and it requires a certain arrangement so that a cricket match can be held fulfilling all its rules and regulations. Other individual sports can take place at the same venue as it does not require a stadium for a full day.


Cricket is an expensive game and with all the technological advancements that are included in the game, it is not easy to have the same facilities arranged at some venues temporarily so that cricket matches can take place.

What can help Cricket Induction in the Olympics

As we have already discussed the main hurdles in cricket inductions in the Olympics, now, look at the possible solutions that can help cricket games in the Olympics;

  • With T20 cricket, there is a glimpse of hope that Cricket might get inducted into the Olympics in near future. Whereas T10 is also a format, it is not yet accepted by fans. A shorter format means more matches in a day, which will eventually help in the completion of the tournament.
  • a Limited number of teams should participate in cricket events during the Olympics. ICC should provide a deadline for teams to improve their rankings and the top 04 teams should qualify for the Olympics.
  • Cricket awareness campaign in countries where the Olympics takes place more often. It might help in the increase in popularity of the game and sponsors would love to invest more in cricket.
  • Simplify rules for the cricket edition of the Olympics so that the game can take place on any ground or stadium. Just like in New Zealand and Australia where football and rugby grounds are used for cricket matches as well. 
  • Less use of technology. ICC might opt to not use modern technologies like ultra-edge, Snicko, LBW tramp lines, and even third umpires should not be used so that the cost of arranging a cricket game would go down.
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