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CrickDAO: The First of its Kind Fantasy Cricket Platform

We are excited to announce the launch of CrickDAO – the first cricket metaverse in the world. CrickDAO is a fantasy cricket platform with tonnes of opportunities for users to socialize with a global community of cricket fans. Be a part of CrickDAO to witness a new way of playing fantasy cricket.

CrickDAO brings together elements from fantasy sports and fuses them with the metaverse to deliver a new fantasy sports experience to all users. What makes CrickDAO different from other fantasy sports platforms is the governance model. The community itself is at the helm of the governance, making all key decisions and directing the course of the platform.

CrickDAO is an attempt to bring together cricket fans and enthusiasts from all corners of the world. No existing fantasy cricket platform is doing what CrickDAO wants to do. Once the platform goes live in 2022, it will be a significant moment for cricket as a sport.

Get ready for an entirely new cricket experience with CrickDAO. CrickDao is a blockchain-based game, a category of games also known as GameFi. GameFi is redefining the meaning of video games in the world. Until the genesis of blockchain-based games, there was no model in place to give gamers autonomy and ownership of their digital assets. In CrickDAO, the gamers are also the owners of all their in-game assets. Nothing is owned by the CrickDAO developers or game studio. On top of that, there are multiple ways of earning Rewards in CrickDAO. At the same time, the gameplay is very simple and intuitive. Gamers do not need to learn new methods of playing to enjoy CrickDAO.

CrickDAO follows the play-to-earn (P2E) model. It is different from other fantasy sports platforms since winning the fantasy tournaments is not the only avenue of Earning in CrickDAO. NFTs open a completely new avenue for users to earn. They can buy and sell NFTs in the in-game marketplace and earn from trading.

$CRIC is the native token of CrickDAO. The $CRIC token is the lifeblood of CrickDAO’s in-game economy. As already mentioned, CrickDAO  is more than a fantasy cricket platform. It is a complete digital experience with its own in-game economies and marketplaces. Anyone who wants to Earn from the time they spend on gaming should check out what CrickDAO has to offer.

CrickDAO also makes sure that the distribution of $CRIC tokens is fair and open. 50% of the token supply is dedicated to In-Game Rewards. The remaining tokens are reserved for developers and other game development-related issues. The free and fair token distribution ensures that no user is left out of the game.

NFTs are the tool that allows CrickDAO to embark on these ground-breaking innovations. To give users the best possible experience, CrickDAO uses dynamic NFTs. Unlike static NFTs, dynamic NFTs can change their contents depending on external changes. As a result, it is the perfect tool for progression-based games like CrickDAO.

The governance model of CrickDAO makes it so different from all existing platforms in the same space. Unlike other games, the management of the platform does not lie with the developers and studio owners. Instead, users get the opportunity to make key decisions regarding the course of the game. They can do so with Board User NFTs – a tool to be a part of the governing body of CrickDao. Users can get Board User NFTs by progressing in the game and achieving milestones.

Apart from Board User NFTs, there are several other types of NFTs in CrickDAO as well. These different types of NFTs work together to give CrickDao its complete shape. Apart from Board User NFTs, CrickDAO also has Gamify NFTs, Access NFT’s and Community. All these NFTs have separate functionalities. For example, Team Card NFTs allow users to turn their curated teams into NFTs and even sell them.

CrickDAO is completely changing how we think of  fantasy sports. It breaks down all preconceived notions about fantasy sports. CrickDao is not a game, it is a complete cricketing ecosystem. It is a place for cricket fans to come together, socialize, and discuss everything related to cricket. With so many new things to look forward to, CrickDao is all set to be the hub of the global cricket community. It is also a place for digital artists who want to create new artwork and earn from it. Instead of taking from the users, CrickDAO is focused on giving back to the community.

Over the next few years, CrickDAO will be the leading fantasy cricket platform in the world. The platform is designed around giving users a fulfilling experience. It gives users the endless potential to earn by engaging with the game. Join CrickDAO as an early bird to get access to a lot of perks and advantages. Follow us on social media platforms to be updated about the latest developments.





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