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Crendor Interview With Ion Hazzikostas On Dragonflight

Another interview with WoW director Ion Hazzikostas with content creator Wowcrendor, answering many important questions about the Dragonflight add-on: “How does Dragonflight work?”, “When will archaeology return?”, “What is Ion Hazzikostas’s favorite add-on?” and many others

Flying on dragons

  • Dragonflight is currently an experiment unique to the Dragonflight add-on. Still, if it proves successful, then, like all successful experiments, it may be moved to future add-ons – the fate of these flights is in the hands of the community. Especially given the challenges of adding Dragonflight mechanics to all other flying vehicles.
  • A dragon will be enhanced with its talents and affinity to the rider over time. No saddles or other equipment to improve a dragon’s performance is planned.
  • Dragon Islands was partly created already with the dragon flight system in mind, which is one of the reasons for the size of this location.
    If players were forced to crawl on the ground for a long time, as in previous additions, and only then be given the ability to fly, it wouldn’t feel right, given the central theme of the add-on – dragons!
  • Locations used to be created with the intention that any piece of the location would necessarily be used in some activity/part of the gameplay. Dragon Islands, in turn, were created to evoke a sense of adventure for the player, including being on top of a dragon.


  • Given the presence of the archaeology faction Dragonflight Expedition, the developers are thinking of bringing back a different archaeology profession in a modified form, but not at the time of the Dragonflight release – this will probably happen in future add-on updates.
  • Right now, the developers are concentrating their energies on the core professions and will think about other jobs later.
    Primary professionals will have confident choices for specializing in specific talents. Still, they will not be a single choice “or X, or Y” and will be more like Legion artifacts, where at first, the player chooses the order of learning talents and then, over time, begins to possess all.
  • The developers want to make a professional system rather than relying too heavily on the element of chance, even though it has a place. There will be ways to get the right effect in the game in a more guaranteed way.

Farming and content

  • Vehicles will continue to be awarded for activities of varying difficulty levels, ranging from a trivial quest to completing a time-consuming chain of actions. However, at the moment, vehicles are not yet allocated to their sources in Dragonflight – this is in the very final stages of development.
  • The developers are thinking of adding the ability to skip the Siege of Orgrimmar portion of the raid for more comfortable “farming,” all thanks to frequent player feedback on this issue.
  • Updates to Dragonflight will come out with slightly less content but more often. What’s more, more minor content updates may include new items for existing holidays.

Ion Hazzikostas

  • Ion Hazzikostas’ favorite add-on is Wrath of the Lich King for two reasons: first, he joined Blizzard shortly before the second add-on was released, which even Ion’s guild was utterly unaware of, and he kept hardcore playing and working on, and second, he managed to work on some content for WotLK – both the old locations and raids, along with class design.
  • Ion joked that he would play WotLK Classic for a while, but the harsh reality is that he’d rather spend his time improving Dragonflight than re-learning all the content.

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