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Cremation Jewelry Lets You Hold Memories of Loved One’s Forever

You never imagined wearing your loved one around your neck. But now, cremation jewelry offers a beautiful new way to keep them close. These customized accessories let you carry a symbolic portion of ashes inside a pendant, ring, or other jewelry. It’s a touching idea – keeping memories in your heart. Cremation jewelry captures the essence of someone you cherish in a lasting, wearable form. It may seem unconventional at first. But this jewelry becomes an embodiment of your unbreakable bond. It’s a new tradition that comforts and connects. Discover the personalized pieces that transform ashes into a meaningful, lasting keepsake. With cremation jewelry, you can cherish your loved one forever.

Keep Your Loved Ones Close With Cremation Jewelry

Cherish Memories

Cremation jewelry allows you to keep a small portion of your loved one’s ashes close to your heart. Select a pendant, ring, or bracelet with ashes placed inside by a jeweller. This intimate keepsake makes a personal memento, connecting you to cherished memories of the person you lost.

Customized for Comfort

Our artisans can customize cremation jewelry to your preferences. Choose from gold, silver, gemstones, and other materials to design a piece that matches your unique style. Engravings, special symbols or phrases that remind you of your loved one can also be added. We aim to craft cremation jewelry that brings comfort through custom details that hold deep personal meaning.

Lasting Remembrance

While time continues marching on, cremation jewellery stands still, forever capturing a moment when your heart was whole and life seemed complete. Through all the years ahead, it remains to offer comfort, inspire hope, and keep your loved one right where they belong – by your side. Cherish this lasting remembrance and all the tender moments it holds; it is a priceless gift to be with you always until you meet again.

Our cremation jewellery collection aims to provide a personalized way to find peace in loss and keep your loved one close – today, tomorrow, and all the years to come.

Cremation Jewelry Styles to Honor Every Bond


Pendants let you keep a small portion of ashes close to your heart. Delicate vials or lockets on a chain give you a subtle, personal way to feel connected to your loved one. For an understated look, choose a minimal teardrop or round pendant. Opt for a gemstone like amethyst or citrine to celebrate a colourful life. Either way, pendants make a thoughtful gift for yourself or others grieving the same loss.


For those who prefer jewelry on their wrist, cremation bracelets provide comfort and style. Bracelets with ash-infused beads, charms or vials allow you to surround yourself with memories with every movement. Bracelets also make a meaningful keepsake to share between family members or friends grieving together. Look for bangles, wraps or chains — whatever suits the unique spirit you’re honouring.

Personalizing Your Cremation Jewelry

Once you’ve chosen a cremation jewelry piece that speaks to you, it’s time to make it uniquely yours. Customizing your jewellery allows you to create a one-of-a-kind remembrance that honours your loved one’s memory.

Adding an Engraving

Engraving a message, name, or date on your jewelry is a touching way to personalize it. You can engrave a short inscription on the back or front of pendants, rings, or bracelets. Consider using a pet name, favourite saying, or “Forever in my heart.” The options are endless.

Choosing Gemstones

Some cremation jewellery allows you to add gemstones, which you can select based on their colour or meaning. For example, a red garnet represents love and passion, while an emerald signifies rebirth and renewal. Gemstones add beauty and allow you to personalize further based on qualities that remind you of your loved one.

Filling with Ashes

One of the most meaningful ways to personalize cremation jewelry is by filling it with tiny ashes from your loved one’s cremation. Ashes-infused jewelry allows you to keep the physical remains and memories of your loved one close to your heart at all times. You can choose jewellery with a slight pinch to a more substantial amount of ashes. Either way, the ashes become a permanent part of the jewellery.

With the many customization options available, you can create a beautiful piece of cremation jewelry that uniquely celebrates the life of someone special. A personalized touch is what you need to keep their memory alive. By customizing with an engraving, gemstone, ashes, or combination, you fashion a cherished keepsake to hold onto forever.

Caring for Your Cremation Jewelry

Your cremation jewelry keepsakes should be handled with the utmost care and respect. Treat each piece as you would your loved one. Follow these tips to care for your cherished cremation jewelry properly.


Gently wipe down the surface of your cremation jewelry with a soft, damp cloth to remove any dirt or debris. Avoid harsh chemicals, abrasive cleaners, or ultrasonic jewellery cleaners that can damage the finish and settings. For gemstone pieces, use a specialized gemstone-safe cleaner and polish cloth.


Keep each piece in a lined jewelry box or pouch when not wearing your cremation jewellery. This prevents scratches and tarnishes and keeps all pieces organized in one place. For added protection, place a silica gel packet in the storage container to avoid moisture buildup.

Checking Settings

Inspect the settings and clasps regularly to ensure all gemstones and ashes remain secure. Have any loose stones or prongs repaired immediately by a jeweler to avoid loss. Clasps and other closures should fasten tightly but easily open and close.

 Avoiding Damage

Remove cremation jewelry before bathing, swimming or doing any strenuous activity. Exposure to chemicals, heat and physical impacts can damage the piece. Avoid dropping or knocking cremation jewelry against hard surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cremation Jewelry

How is cremation jewelry made?

Cremation jewelry is carefully handcrafted to hold a small portion of cremated remains. The ashes are sealed within a hollow compartment in the jewelry piece using a durable resin to preserve them. Only a tiny amount of ashes is used, typically less than one cubic centimetre. The majority of the cremated remains are still available for scattering or burial.

Is it safe to wear cremation jewelry every day?

Yes, cremation jewelry is designed to be worn daily as a lasting tribute. The resin used to seal the ashes is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. As long as the resin remains intact, the ashes will be safe.

It was Secured within the jewelry. However, the jewellery should be handled carefully, and any contact with harsh chemicals should be avoided.

How much cremation jewelry is needed for a single person?

Typically, only one piece of cremation jewellery is needed for each loved one, as only a tiny amount of ashes is used in each piece. However, some families choose to have multiple pieces made so that other close family members can also keep the memory of their loved one close. The number of pieces is a personal choice.


So if you’re looking for a meaningful way to keep a loved one close, cremation jewelry is a beautiful option. With so many designs, you can find the perfect piece to honour their spirit.

You can hold your keepsake near whenever you need extra comfort or want to share stories

. Let the ashes infuse the metal with energy to continue bringing you joy and support. Cremation jewellery transforms loss into a love that lasts forever. Cherish the memories and

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