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Creator economy startup Ninetales raises $250,000 to give creators total ownership of their content

Ninetales is creating a Web3 platform to give back audience and content ownership to digital creators.

Ninetales is creating a Web3 platform to give back audience and content ownership to digital creators.

Ninetales has raised $250,000 from Creator Economy Accelerator launched by DEIP and business angel Pavel Anisimov to create a single point of entry for digital creators who can tokenize their content as NFTs to assert ownership over it.

Today’s content creators suffer from platform lock-in with the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter deciding what can be posted to which audiences and reserving the right to block or expel creators from their platforms. Content platforms as they currently exist capture the majority of the value to become influential giants while creators capture just a fraction of a section of the economy said to be worth $104B.

Ninetales wants to rethink the way the content creators own their work to put the creator at the center, not the platforms. Ninetales’ Web3 platform will give creators full ownership and control over their work and audiences by issuing NFTs for content. 

Ninetales was founded in 2019 by Ekaterina Butko as a service for creators to learn, create, and publish content across social media platforms from a single place. The solution was launched at the beginning of 2020 and has grown 10X throughout 2021 to become the number one application on the AppStore in several countries for Graphics & Design apps.

For its development from a Web2 to a Web3 application, Ninetales was selected amongst the first to take part in Creator Economy Accelerator: a business unit aimed at facilitating the rise of 1,000 new Web3 businesses using DEIP technology. Like other participants in the accelerator program, Ninetales will receive financing, help, and advice to launch its Web3 solution for tokenization of creator economy assets.

“Web3 products for creators shouldn’t just be owned by creators but built by them too. To make this happen we are providing them with all the necessary tools and resources. We are delighted that we have such a strong partner as Ninetales with a great fit for a project that can be built on DEIP. This marks the beginning of the migration of digital creators to Web3,” remarked DEIP CEO, Alex Shkor.

The funds raised by Ninetales will be spent on developing their current functionality so that the solution can quickly generate NFTs for content ownership, in addition to the creation of a Web3 platform for creators where they can tokenize posts and register them on the blockchain.

“My early work as part of the creator economy showed that, in its current format, there are many problems related to the protection of creators’ rights. Web3 technology along with expertise and support from DEIP will allow us to change the rules of the game and allow creators to own their content and audiences, in addition to carrying out transactions within the SMM market,” noted Ninetales founder, Ekaterina Butko.

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