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Creative Writing Exercises

The writing process

The writing process is incredibly important for developing thinking and creativity. You need to exercise to learn how to put your thoughts in writing. It will help get rid of self-judgments, internal filters, and barriers. Try any of the following. You will learn how to present your thoughts in an engaging, argumentative, original, and witty way like professional essay writers so that you are interesting to read and listen to and so that after your story, people do what you want them to do.

1) Answer three questions

In this exercise, you will need to answer three questions to stimulate creative thinking. They can be questions about the environment or just ones that come to mind. You can make up your own, but here are some examples.

Write whatever comes to mind.

Example one:

What flew by outside the window?

Why were they crying?

What is he doing?

Example two:

Who is Ethan?

Why is he rejoicing?

What will he do next?

Example three:

What is under your house a mile deep?

How could it be used?

How could it do harm?

2) Write a letter to your past self

Decide for yourself how many years back you will need to go back in time. It can be childhood, adolescence, youth, or adulthood. You can give yourself advice, pity, explain, forgive, or rejoice. Or simply show yourself what you have achieved so far.

You can step back from your past self and write a letter to someone else. What do you want to convey?

3) Write about what you are good at

Everyone is good at something. It can be something global (knowing three languages), or it can be something small (knowing how to wash dishes). Remember, it doesn’t really matter what you choose. What matters is the process for the sake of the process.

Experiment with the style of presentation: postmodern, classical, formal. In the first or third person. It could even be Tarantino dialogue.

4) Use a stream of consciousness.

This is the easiest and most fun exercise because it requires no thought work or thought. Grab a pen and paper, then just start writing. Anything.

Write about what’s going on around you, how you spent your day yesterday, a great person, or a historical event. If you don’t know what to write, just write, “So, I have nothing to write.” Develop the thought, “Why don’t I have anything to say? Probably the reason is that I don’t read enough books. Therefore…”. Or you can pick a random word in the dictionary and develop the topic.

Decide how long the exercise will take, and don’t stop until it’s over.

5) Pretend to be someone.

What room for imagination! If you know history well, take a historical character on a particular day: Lincoln on assassination day, Martin Luther King on the day of his famous speech.

Think like that person; put yourself in certain conditions. Look at the situation through his eyes.

Don’t like one situation, choose another. You can take an article from Wikipedia about the great man, read it and choose a specific situation.

6) Write about a person who changed your life

There must be people like that. And it can even be someone you’ve seen for a few seconds in your life: a stranger, for example, who showed at some particular moment a quality you’ve always wanted to develop.

If you have a husband/wife or a child, why not write about them? You’ve probably never done it before. Just remember that the text must not get into anyone’s hands.

7) Describe your surroundings.

Not just the surroundings but the behavior of the people as well. A relative entered the kitchen and immediately left – what could that mean? Come up with an interesting or absurd version of what happened. The balance between reality and fantasy by moving the metaphorical slider.

We wish you the best of luck!

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