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Creative Social Media Hacks For Brands And Marketers

Social Media Hacks For Brands And Marketers

Over the years, social media marketing has emerged as one of the powerful ways to enhance customer engagement and build brand awareness. But most brands and marketers fail to leverage these platforms well enough because they take a casual approach. Likewise, keeping up with many different accounts is easier said than done. You may have a tough time figuring out your target audience and finding ways to hook them for good. Fortunately, you can leverage creativity to fine-tune your strategies and achieve more with less effort and time. Here are a few creative social media hacks brands and marketers can rely on. 

Use trending topics

Making the most out of your social media efforts is about being selective. The best way to increase brand visibility and awareness is by picking trending topics for your posts instead of opting for random ones. You can check trending topics and hashtags in your niche with online tools and create compelling posts around them. These posts are more likely to attract a potential audience and retain them for the long haul.

Share your content everywhere

Creating compelling posts is a great way to promote your brand, but they work only if your audience can see them. Sharing content across multiple platforms does the trick. But you may have to align the posts with platform-specific guidelines to ensure they are good enough to impress the users. Remember to schedule them at relevant times as different platforms have the best ideal times to engage with users.

Love your tools

Brands and marketers can get a quick boost for their social media branding game by opting for tools for various tasks. They can reduce your workload and save time, and you can focus on the strategic part of campaigns instead of addressing day-to-day issues. You can expect to be spoiled for choice when it comes to tools. For example, vista lets you edit images, create animated graphics, design YouTube thumbnails, and more. There are tools to help with scheduling and engaging with posts.

Try multitasking during engagement 

A social media hack worth trying is to ramp up your engagement strategies to get more from them. Most marketers find themselves spending too much of their valuable time engaging with customers. Find ways to multitask instead of spending countless hours checking your Instagram feed, replying to tweets, or responding to direct messages. Make engagement a part of your daily routine and pick the task when doing something else, such as listening to a podcast or even walking the dog.

Build relationships with influencers

Utilizing social media to connect with influencers and build long-term relationships with them is a great idea. You can start by identifying top influencers in your niche and try getting their attention by frequently sharing their content. Like their posts and re-tweet them to keep things moving. They may eventually notice you and reciprocate by sharing your content. It opens up your brand to a whole new relevant audience and gets it a valuable word-of-mouth recommendation from an expert.

Fueling your social media outreach can be a breeze, provided you pick the right tactics. These easy hacks can take brands and marketers one step closer to success. 

Author Bio:

Maria Partin is a junior content writer who has been working with Outreach Monks for the last two years. With a deep passion and curiosity for the marketing world, Maria loves to provide her insights on various digital marketing subjects, including social media marketing and SEO optimization.

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