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Creative Choices in Flat Glass Coatings Market Driven by Advancements in Nanotechnology

Preference of Environmentally Friendly and Durable Flat Glass Coatings to Spur Availability of New Designs and Colors

Glass has emerged as one of the versatile materials that have been produced by humankind since the early days of most ancient civilizations of the world. Since, the dawn of industrialization in major regions of the world, glass of various hues and colors have proliferated in use in commercial, industrial, and architectural applications. In industrialized nations, new methods of production, increasing ease of handling, and advancements in float glass process notably, have led to an array of flat glass—a special type of glass—with attractive properties. Stridently, the flat glass coatings market has witnessed extensive commercialization avenues from use of the flat glass in architectural and automotive applications.

The use is as diverse as one can imagine, such as in making in fiberglass composites, glass fibers used for thermal insulation, and optical communication. Subsequently, an array of coating formulations have emerged, endowing flat glass with attractive performance characteristics. Coating formulators have gained from expanding use of flat glass in architectural applications. Firms have leant on new formulations that make flat glass robust, resilient, and resistant to environmental factors and scratching. Tellingly, flat glass manufacturers are adopting coatings that will allow the customers and end-users easy maintenance and cleaning. With constant efforts to tone down the thickness, new avenues for firms in the flat glass coatings market will emerge.

The introduction of nano-coatings has led flat glass manufacturers eye new revenue streams from new application areas. Besides, water-based coating formulators are keen on capitalizing on customization avenues by varying colors and design affects.

Shift From Solvent-based System to Water-Based Counterpart Generates Stable Growth Opportunities

Customers have been presented with vast choices for coatings for flat glass. Changing consumer’s requirements of the design and emerging performance requirements in various applications has spurred advancements in formulations. The evolving landscape has led formulations that reduce the environmental footprint on one hand while aiming for meeting advanced performance parameters. Regulatory norms and regulations pertaining to emissions are generating a substantial uptick in demand for flat glass coatings. Water-based coating of plate glass present a vast avenue for product innovations in the flat glass coatings market. Coating formulations and manufacturers of flat glass are employing various testing methods to evaluate their products based on their resistance to impact, scratching, light, and changes in temperature.

Architectural applications are focusing not on just aesthetics but equally on energy-saving performance. Several parameters with regard to formulating water-based coatings have come to the fore. The urge to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings is a key factor incentivising adoption of energy-efficient glass for windows and other places where heat loss is prominent.

Nano-coatings Poised for Incredible Growth in Flat Glass Coatings Market

Nanotechnology of late has opened a new frontier in the flat glass coatings market. An assortment of nano-coatings for glass have been commercialized in recent years. Nano-coated flat glass products have led to the development of more sturdy, durable, and resilient glass products to meet the requirements in end-use applications. The thickness of the layer is noticeably less—making the flat glass unique in appearance and advanced in performance. The adoption of new spraying systems has helped spur the sales of products in the flat glass coatings market. These glass products find use in automotive, medical, and architectural applications. A number of combinations of colors and effects have been realized with the use of advanced equipment for nanocoating.

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The demand for low-maintenance household and commercial glasses is rising in industrialized nations. The rise has been exponential in commercial buildings. An area that is replete with potential revenues is developing coatings that are reaching the economies of scale in the production of nano-coatings. Hence, the technology is posed for explosive growth in the flat glass coatings market, and will attract investments from companies in developed as well as developing regions.

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