Creating an Accessible and Stylish Washroom Space: A Comprehensive Guide

stylish bathroom space

Creating or upgrading to an accessible and stylish washroom doesn’t have to be challenging. In fact, the good news is that some of the easiest changes and upgrades are often the most effective.

This quick guide will help you implement those changes to create an accessible and stylish washroom space.

Six Quick Fixes To Create an Accessible and Stylish Washroom

Strike the perfect balance between style and accessibility with our hand-picked six fixes.

1. Use ADA Approved Sinks and Faucets For An Accessible Sink Area

One great option for achieving accessibility without compromising style is choosing an ada bathroom sink.

ADA approved sinks are mounted not higher than 34 inches from the floor and have clear space beneath (instead of a cabinet).

How To Implement It: 

Choose and set up an ADA-compliant sink and ensure they are easy to reach and use. Next, remove any items under the sink to clear the area for wheelchair access.

Also, you can go one step ahead by adding a tilted mirror. It angles downwards and makes it easier for wheelchair users to see themselves.

2. Add a Touchless Bathroom Sink Faucet

Touchless faucets will give your bathroom a modern and stylish look, enhancing accessibility. They are excellent for individuals with mobility issues as they don’t require turning. A simple hand motion will get the water flowing.

How To Implement It:

Purchase a touchless faucet model that is compatible with your sink setup. To install the faucet, simply follow the included instructions in your manual.

3. Install Grab and Support Rails

Strategically placed grab and support rails can be helpful for an easy transfer. You can place them in your shower area to help get in and out of the bath and by the toilet.

How To Implement It: 

Choose rails that blend with your bathroom’s aesthetic, and add them to the walls near the shower, toilet, and bathtub for better accessibility.

4. Adapt Your Shelving and Accessories

Lowering your shelves and choosing sleek designs make your bathroom more accessible and stylish. Also, instead of placing your medicine cabinet behind the sink, add lower drawers or place a low medicine cabinet next to your vanity.

Properly placed shelves and accessories ensure that all necessities are within easy reach for everyone, enhancing the room’s functionality.

How To Implement It: 

Add easy-to-install, wall-mounted shelves and replace old accessories with modern and sleek accessories like soap dispensers.

5. Add A Bathroom Stool

A bathroom stool can be an additional support in your bathroom for various reasons. You can place bath items on it, use it as a shower seat or while grooming in front of the bathroom mirror.

How To Implement It: 

Add a bathroom stool that complements your bathroom’s aesthetic, and make sure it’s sturdy and stable with an anti-slip base to prevent wobbling or accidents.

6. Upgrade To A Toilet Riser

Adding a toilet riser makes using it easier for individuals with mobility challenges, minimizing strain and enhancing comfort. A sleek and modern toilet riser easily fits over your existing toilet and blends well with any bathroom design.

It maintains the look of a standard toilet, ensuring style and functionality in one go.

How To Implement It:

To implement a toilet riser, just position it over your existing toilet and ensure it’s securely attached. No special tools or extensive modifications are needed.

Other Quick Fixes:

  • Install slip-resistant bathroom mats
  • Add a bath step right before the bathtub
  • Add a toilet assist

Key Takeaway:

You can make your bathroom more stylish and accessible by adding ADA-approved sinks, touchless faucets, grab rails, and bathroom stools, adapting your shelves and accessories, and upgrading to a toilet riser.

Some more quick fixes like bath steps, toilet assists and slip-resistant bathroom mats are also a great help.

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