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Create Videos that Go Viral with CapCut Desktop Video Editor

Are you looking for the best way to make videos that go viral? If so, you are at the right place because this article will teach you how to create viral videos. Actually, creating videos that get higher reach and higher engagement doesn’t necessarily require expert skills. Instead, using good video editing software can do it for you with just a few clicks. For example, CapCut Desktop Video Editor is everyone’s top priority for creating impressive videos with AI tools. Not just AI, it offers a number of basic and advanced video editing skills that help create videos. Let’s learn about it more in the later section. 

Why Create Viral Videos?

You must be thinking is it necessary to create viral videos or why you should strive to create viral videos? So, let’s look into the most powerful reasons to create videos that go viral and grab greater attention and engagement. 

  • The viral videos introduce more people to your channel, business, or offering. 
  • These types of videos boost your reach and capture greater customer interest.
  • These videos guarantee that you get the maximum profits even while putting in minimal effort. 
  • They help you meet your goals and mission faster than anything else. 

Using CapCut Desktop Video Editor to Create Viral Videos

To create viral videos and enjoy all the above benefits, it is important to choose the right editor. Without using an editor, many of you would fail to create impactful and professional videos. To create impressive videos, you either need to have superficial video editing skills or the best editor. So, CapCut Desktop Video Editor comes with astonishing features to help you create amazing videos seamlessly and effortlessly. Its following prominent features make it easier to create videos within minutes. 

  • Includes All Basic & Advanced Video Editing Features

No matter which video editing tool you need for a specific video, it offers everything. You don’t need to spend hours making a simple edit here. Instead, click on the appropriate tool to create the desired changes to your video. For example, you can click on trim, split, resize, color adjustment, speed curve, masking, and many such basic and advanced tools. With just minimal adjustments, you can get the desired edits on your videos using these tools.  

  • Offers a Variety of AI tools

Not just advanced and basic video editing features, but it also offers plenty of AI tools. For example, the best and the most incredible AI tool here is to adjust the lighting of the video. Many times, poor or extra bright light results in ruining the originality and charm of a video. Therefore, this AI tool helps in getting the perfect light to make your video look more aesthetically appealing. Similarly, you can use voice changer, AI stickers, AI background removal, etc. for expert-level editing. 

  • A Vast Collection of Impressive Media Resources

If you fail to choose the plot of your video or don’t know how to create one, use any professional video template. This editor offers a vast collection of impressive video resources and many of them are free. So, pick up your favorite one and implement changes to your video. 

  • Variety of Video Formats Support

If you want to add some of your personal clips to your video, feel free to add them. This desktop video editor supports a great variety of video formats. So, you can’t only import video here in any format but also export in your desired format. 

How to Use CapCut Desktop Video Editor?

Follow the below steps to use CapCut Desktop Video Editor. 

  • Step 1: Import

Download, install, and open CapCut Desktop Video Editor on your PC/laptop. Click “New project” or “Import” to import a video either manually or via drag and drop. You can also choose one from the CapCut stock library. 


  • Step 2: Edit

Let’s start editing it now with different tools and features e.g. color adjustment, video effects, captions, etc. Also, add beautiful audio, text effects, filters, and trim/crop/resize it for the best results. 

  • Step 3: Export

Click “Export” and choose presets before exporting e.g. resolution, format, Codec, etc. If you want, you can also share it directly with your TikTok or YouTube channels. 


To create engaging and viral videos, the expert’s top choice is the CapCut Desktop Video Editor. Packed with a plethora of advanced video editing features, functions, and AI tools, CapCut allows you to craft highly interactive and captivating videos effortlessly. Its intuitive interface and powerful capabilities make it the perfect tool for both beginners and seasoned editors. Additionally, the ease of downloading your videos in any format and sharing them directly on social media platforms sets CapCut apart from the rest. If you’re looking to produce viral content with minimal effort, CapCut is an essential tool to try. Unleash your creativity and watch your videos soar in popularity within minutes.

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