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CREATE: Altered State’s Interactive Branding Agency Studio with Advanced Video Production & AI

Altered State Productions, a digital marketing agency, has announced the beta launch of a groundbreaking version of their production website: CREATE. A digital platform unlike any other, CREATE ventures far beyond a conventional portfolio display, offering an immersive showcase of the company’s years of industry-leading work in design, video, and sound.

Embodying Altered State Productions’ future-forward philosophy, CREATE boasts an aesthetic that is nothing short of cutting-edge. The interface is an artful balance of progressive design principles, staying ahead of the curve by incorporating the latest digital trends and techniques. From the fluidity of its dynamic visuals to the intuitiveness of its user experience, CREATE ensures visitors not only witness but also feel the mastery of Altered State Productions’ creative capabilities.

Creativity on Display

CREATE’s focus is clear: to present Altered State Productions’ breadth and depth of work in a vibrant and engaging manner. This innovative platform flaunts a gallery of the production company’s portfolio items. Each is uniquely presented to highlight their individual strengths, whether it be gripping cinematography, evocative sound design, music production and audio engineering, or compelling graphic design work. Each project is given room to resonate with its audience on a personal level.

But what sets CREATE apart is its innovative approach to context. It goes beyond just presenting an online portfolio. The site provides insight into the trends that shaped each piece and the case studies that outline the process behind them. Visitors can delve into the creative journey that Altered State Productions undertakes for each project. Viewers gain an understanding of the agency’s commitment to pushing boundaries and their adeptness in navigating the changing landscape of digital media and full service digital marketing.

Below the Surface

A section of the website is dedicated to trend analysis, providing an in-depth look at industry patterns and how Altered State Productions consistently stays ahead of the game. It illustrates the company’s ability to anticipate, adapt, and excel in a rapidly evolving media environment, effectively mirroring the industry’s movement in real time.

In the case studies section, the audience is taken on a behind-the-scenes tour, demonstrating the meticulous process behind each piece of work. This thoughtful inclusion allows visitors to appreciate the intricate layers of creativity, innovation, and technical skill that go into every project, reinforcing the company’s reputation for excellence.

An Immersive Media Shopping Experience

In a novel move, Altered State Productions has made CREATE more than just an immersive portfolio showcase – it’s also an intuitive marketplace for its broad spectrum of Video production services. From engaging video advertisements to comprehensive podcast production services and unique branding solutions, clients can now shop for the digital marketing agency services directly on the website.

The shopping experience on CREATE has been designed to be as seamless and intuitive as the rest of the site. Potential clients can effortlessly navigate through myriad offerings, each with detailed descriptions and sample works that aid in informed decision-making. This aspect of the platform reflects Altered State Productions’ commitment to client empowerment, giving them access to world-class production services at their fingertips.

A New Way to Make a Digital Portfolio

Altered State Productions’ new version of its production website, CREATE, is a bold and engaging platform that promises to redefine the way production portfolios are presented and interacted with. It’s not just a showcase of the company’s impressive portfolio but also a testament to its ability to remain innovative and relevant in a constantly shifting industry.

This innovative step transforms the way businesses can engage with Altered State Productions. Whether it’s to breathe life into a new brand, craft a compelling podcast series, or produce eye-catching video ads, CREATE opens up a world of possibilities in a few simple clicks. It’s a visionary blend of portfolio, insights, and e-commerce – truly embodying the future-forward approach of Altered State Productions.

CREATE Studio, a brainchild of Altered State Productions, and  the newest platform for interactive branding agency expertise, advanced video production, and AI-driven innovation. Illuminating their platform legacy, CREATE offers brands a transformative space to interact, engage, and co-create with state-of-the-art AI, unveiling of SoundLab and highly anticipated rollouts for media production tech integrations for existing members.

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