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Creata Explorer is Live Now!

Creata Chain is a decentralized ecosystem that provides scalability, interoperability, sovereignty and diversifies usability with other ecosystems powered by Augusteum Core. This ecosystem promotes a praiseworthy and exceptional workflow. It is a hybrid ecosystem that is highly interoperable and scalable which makes it more unique and speedy than the rest of the blockchain ecosystem. Creata Chain is an open-source ecosystem that allows blockchains and users to communicate with each other without any hurdles or unnecessary communication barriers.

In order to create blockchains on separate machines with separate consensus algorithms, ICP is a reliable end to end communication that helps blockchains to connect with one another . With the Creata Chain, developers and even laymen can now join a community that connects decentralized, independent, interoperable, and scalable blockchains to share data and communicate. Decentralized applications can be built with Creata Sdk’s help. Creata SDK aims to assist developing custom app-specific blockchains that can interact with the networks and other blockchains. It helps users to create a system that is multilayered, independent, and user friendly, meaning, you do not have to be tech-savvy to operate the Creata Chain, as the developers of the system have made it incredibly simple and easy to use. To facilitate data transmission, the Creata Chain promotes interaction and communication between independent and heterogeneous blockchain.

Providing one of the best and innovative features for you to access to make your transactions without a hassle.The dashboard gives an overview of the explorer, it consists of block height, transactions, bonded tokens, inflation, and access to the Creata Chain applications for easy usability. Our explorer provides a real-time live feed of all blocks added to the blockchain. It has a rejection and success rate of trade and voting power to provide detailed guidance. It gives a live track of the number of blocks preceding it in the blockchain. Block height can either refer to the location of a transaction completed in a blockchain in the past or refer to the present blockchain length or size.

Creata Chain explorer gives a detailed description of transactions that have been made and the transaction currently being processed, keeping track of it all and providing a transparent platform. You can easily keep an eye on the rights to reward and bonded tokens as well.  It includes a summary of the rate of rising in prices over a specific period, keeping users updated about the fluctuations. Explorer will soon launch Creata Chain web wallets, which offer users full control of highly secure wallets. To send and receive crypto/tokens, you can quickly access your wallets. Creata Chain explorer is one of a kind, giving an in-depth look on all the features it has to offer. Creata Explorer is a one-stop platform for all of your blockchain needs; it brings everything together on a single platform, making the process simple and intuitive even for newcomers. You won’t have to worry about slow loading times with creata explorer because you can obtain instant search results in milliseconds and view blocks and transactions faster.

Website: CreataChain

Twitter: Creatachain (@creatachain) / Twitter

Medium: Creatachain – Medium


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