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Crafting stellar responses to UC essay prompts is the first step to building a successful career 

The first step to building a successful career in the field you are interested in is to get into a college where you will acquire all necessary knowledge and experience in that area. If you want to apply to the University of California, crafting stellar responses to UC essay prompts should be your primary concern. Neither working on the task of writing a UC application essay, nor crafting answers to UC essay prompts is an easy assignment. You will need to come up with unconventional ideas, look through tons of UC essay examples, as well as allocate a lot of time on this task. Here are a few tips on how to make it a bit easier. 

Aim for originality

The one and only way to submit a UC application essay the admission committee will pay attention to is to stand out from the crowd. If you want to become a student at UC Berkeley, don’t forget that there are tons of other applicants who want to get in as well. The more unique your answers to UC essay prompts are, the more chances to get noticed you will have. To be better prepared, start by viewing UC essay prompts 2019 not to repeat everything that has already been said. Then, allocate enough time to come up with an under-researched issue you want to dwell upon in your UC essay. 

Find a different angle

If you are required to dwell upon your own experience, look for a different approach to task accomplishment. When you are writing a UC Berkeley admissions essay, starting strong is vital. Even if it seems that your answers to UC essay prompts are a bit weird, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Your goal is to grab the attention of the committee, as well as to create a favorable first impression. The introductory paragraph is the best way to do that. 

Be unconventional

The whole point of crafting an answer to UC essay prompts is to demonstrate how many original ideas you can bring to the table, so to say. In other words, an educational institution is always looking for applicants who can prove that they are able to come up with creative solutions to the most complex problems. 

Before you get down to the task of writing your own answer to an essay prompt, trying crafting a few example responses to see how much time and effort it is going to take. For instance, you can familiarize yourself with the most popular prompts from last year and write a couple of paragraphs yourself. Then, show what you have managed to come up with to a friend, a relative or even a school teacher to get expert feedback. This way, you will know which aspects to pay more attention to when crafting responses to essay prompts when you start applying to the college of your dreams. 


Building a successful career in the field one is interested in is the main reason why so many people decide to go to college. A successful career presupposes that one is happy with their occupation and with the amount of money they get for doing their job. It is quite obvious that holding a degree in a certain field doubles one’s chances of getting a well-paid job and living the life of their dreams. What is also important to highlight is that the first step to making those dreams come true is to get enrolled into a prestigious educational institution.

To do that, one needs to craft stellar responses to essay prompts and submit an unconventional application essay. Knowing how many other applicants want to achieve the same goal, it is not surprising why so many people feel frustrated when they are in the middle of the application process. Students want to enter the best universities in the world to have access to high-quality education and acquire all vital knowledge and experience in the field they are interested in. Applicants are very competitive, and every single one of them is trying to show why they are better than others. The downside of this whole experience is that it puts enormous pressure on an applicant. The upside is the opportunity to study at one of the best universities in the world and make use of all available options to get as much necessary experience as possible to start building a successful career in the field they are so curious about.

If you manage to craft a stellar response and impress the admission committee with your application essay, you will most definitely get enrolled. Cherish the time you are going to spend at college and make use of every single opportunity that comes your way. The more knowledge you acquire, the more career options you will be choosing from as soon as you graduate. 

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