Craft design technology: good or bad in 2023

Worried whether craft design technology will occupy the human-made product market? Or does this design technology ruin the artificial product’s business? In this article, we will discuss in detail these scenarios of CDT. CDT (craft design technology) is emerging in both human efforts and technology to get a better output of old heritage in the future. Here we will have an overview of the edge of craft design technology, good or bad, in the future.

How can we define craft and technology?

We make crafts from different materials like paper, paint, ceramic, fabric, metals, and plastic using old procedures. All artificial things are listed as crafts. When we combine crafts with suitable technology to make products more attractive and usable, craft design technology is generated. Computer software is used to make handmade designs more technological. Design technology helps students build critical thinking and design abilities that they can use in a practical setting, resulting in a high degree of design literacy. Even though the design may take many different shapes, it always involves the ethical application of expertise.

Craft design products

As we know, Designing and creating unique artifacts and products is known as a craft. Craft promotes the growth of intellectual, creative, and practical skills, visual awareness, and practical understanding of tools, materials, and systems. Many industries use product design, including furniture, jewelry, sports and recreation, medical devices, tableware, and food preservation equipment. It also considers the price of production, the methods of manufacture, and the rules and regulations.

An Overview of craft design technology products

The process of conceiving, developing, and iterating on products that resolve user issues or meet demands in a market is referred to as “product design.” Understanding the end-user customer, or the person for whom the product is being designed, is the key to successful product design.

Craft Design Technology was established as a company and brand to bring quality and comfort to spaces through handmade products. They aim to lay the foundation for an excellent workspace, starting with only one pencil. Everything must start small. Considering the office as a collection of desks, each desk contains various small details, right down to the pencil and paper clip.

Here we are sharing a list of craft design technology products.

  • CDT Sign Pen

With the help of this pen tip, users can easily add variation to each stroke, producing elegant letters and lines with clear stops, angular edges, and sweeping curves.

  • CDT sign pen with assorted colors

The pen comes in 10 colors, including pink and grey, and the standard black, red, blue, and green, and uses attractive water-based ink.

  • CDT Mechanical Pencil

The renowned Pentel CO., LTD. and Craft Design Technology collaborated to create the “Kerry” mechanical pencil, model 038W. Unlike typical mechanical pencils, this includes an aluminum cap protecting the delicate tip.

  • CDT notebook

This Craft Design Technology A5 notebook is ideal for work, home, and school use. The notebook has 96 pages of green TAKEO paper, which won’t divert your attention.

  • Craft design technology Note Pad

Craft Design Technology and Life Stationery, two Japanese companies, joined hands to produce a product that blends innovative design with Japanese tradition and the highest level of quality.

  • CDT Desk organizer

The entire desk organizer is entirely handmade from brass. The desk organizer’s embellished designs serve as a showcase for CDT’s remarkable attention to detail.

It’s a stylish and elegant accessory for the choosiest users.

  • CDT Gel Pen

The design of this pen was based on the famous Tradio model.

The body is plastic and has its signature Craft Design Technology dark green color.

  • Craft Design Technology: Ballpoint Pen

A fantastic ballpoint in deep green from Craft Design Technology allows you to write in three other colors: black, blue, and red.

  • CDT Fountain Pen

Because it is portable and easy to adjust the line width based on the pressure and angle used, Craft Design Technology’s Tradition fountain pen is well-known worldwide.

Black and red are the only two colors offered.

  • CDT Brush Pen

Craft Design Technology and Kuretake, two renowned Japanese companies, collaborated to create a calligraphy brush pen. The brushes consist of selected fibers to ensure you can use them for a very long time.

  • CDT stapler

  • Craft Design Technology Scissors

In Seki City, steel scissors by the Japanese company Craft Design Technology were carefully manufactured. They are for both right- and left-handed users.

Will craft design technology ruin the commoner’s handmade production business?

As we live in the era of technology and science, computer and software automation is occupying the world, so the query must be solved whether the craft design technology will ruin the commoner’s handicraft business. The answer is more simple yet complicated. While using the inheritance procedure of making goods in this new era of automation, people will get fewer products in much time with more effort. But when we combine mechanics and machinery with human efforts, we will get more products in less time and less effort. New technologies will

overcome the basic and traditional handicrafts market if people do not educate and upgrade themselves according to new demands and procedures. With time, all handmade products business people should upgrade their business style and marketing process according to new trends.

The Future of craft design technology

The new era is all about computerized business and automation. Handmade products and goods are sold in small marketplaces and have less competition in the market. At the same time, the Future of craft and technology is brighter as products made using machines and automation are produced on a large scale and have a large marketplace. They can be sold within and outside the country without any boundary limits. Craft design technology has revolutionized how we produce and purchase goods for years. Online shopping is becoming increasingly common, so craft design technology may make it simple and quick to produce customized orders. The marketing of crafts is also evolving as a result of this technology.

Limited editions and handcrafted goods are a thing of the past; nowadays, any designer can produce something original and distribute it internationally via online channels. Even students and enthusiasts who may not have previously considered a profession in the trade now have prospects thanks to this technology.


As designers, we constantly try to streamline our processes and create faster, simpler designs. Technology has played a significant role in this growth, and this trend will continue. Augmented reality, 3D printing, and the Internet of Things (IoT) will all impact future creation. Here we conclude that craft design technology has a bright and shiny future, and automation will overcome the inheritance of products in the coming days.

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