Covid19 Cleaning Services in Sydney – Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring Them

Commercial or individual home cleaning has been an essential task during the Covid19 pandemic. Having clean and regular sanitizing keeps your employees and visitors safe and healthy. Your customers will have a good impression of your business for your health-related concern of the employees and customers.

A professional Covid19 cleaner knows the spread of the virus and ways to overcome it. This helps them to precisely clean, spray a disinfectant, and sanitize the entire room.

Clean Group is a cleaning company in Sydney, Australia, having a team of cleaning professionals who are highly experienced and skilled with the latest technology of cleaning techniques. They provide cleaning solutions for residential and commercial cleaning including offices, warehouses, retail stores, malls, hospitals, childcare centers, and much more. As COVID cleaners in Sydney, they use electrostatic disinfection spray and TGA-approved chemicals to wipe off 99.99% of the virus.

Here are a few questions to ask your cleaning company to check their reliability and expertise in the Covid19 commercial cleaning process –

  1. What can your cleaners do?

Before hiring professional cleaners, ask for their area of service to clearly understand whether they match your requirements. Cleaning a medical store, healthcare, and childcare center require special expertise and understanding than cleaning a commercial office.

  1. Check whether they have all the required equipment?

The disinfection cleaning and sanitizing services require a special grade of equipment. Generally, every professional cleaning company owns them, but there may be a chance that they hire and use them. In such cases, you will require to pay extra for this rented equipment.

  1. What type of cleaning chemicals and procedures do they follow?

An experienced cleaning company will always follow a green cleaning procedure to abide by the guidelines offered by global bodies like TGA. The use of harmful cleaning chemicals may result in encountering cough, throat or eye irritations, allergies, rashes, and asthmatic conditions. You must ensure that they use TGA-approved products only for health safety.

  1. Do they have an insured policy?

You can verify their third-party compensation schemes and insurance policy for their workers. This will help you to avoid unnecessary expenses for any accidental incidents during disinfection cleaning. These policies abide the cleaning company to take immediate action to repair, replace or repay for the damages.

  1. Ask for references of their customers in Sydney among the completed and current projects?

Take references to their completed projects. This will help you to take live reviews of their work and service from their latest customer experiences. Also, check for their period of service in the cleaning industry.

  1. How do they handle a customer’s complaints and grievances?

A reputable company always keeps a track record of their customer’s complaints to ensure to resolve their problems. A reliable company will always provide their services as mentioned in the service order.

  1. How much exactly will they be charged?

Before finalizing the deal, you must get a quote detailing the services and charges you will have to pay. This helps you to avoid paying any surprise charges at a later stage.

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