Cousin Pat aka Dr. Patrick Argiro on the Importance of Self-Awareness

Being self-aware involves understanding your emotions, values, strengths, and thoughts, as well as how these things can affect your behavior.

Cousin Pat explains that self-awareness is an essential skill that every individual should learn and improve upon.

  • Emotional understanding and labeling

Here is an example…

There is a lot on my plate between my schoolwork, my activities, and my chores.  It’s overwhelming for me.”

  • Emotional awareness

Here is an example…

“I kind of ruin dinner for my mom and sister when I’m mean at dinner too.”

  • Identifying your emotional triggers

Here is an example…

“I get angry when my younger brother messes with my stuff.”

  • Knowing your own values and biases

Here is an example…

“I make an effort not to pass judgment on, but I think my buddy devotes too much time playing Roblox.”

  • Strengthening your skills and developing your weaknesses

Here is an example…

“I am especially proficient at science and history, but I should focus on my math.”

The Power of Self-Awareness

An example would be …you always feel anxious about upcoming tests. Studying earlier, since tests trigger anxiety for you, means you won’t cram the night before the test like you usually do. You use positive self-talk on the day of the test. (“After studying, I’m sure I’ll do fine.”) Deep breathing can also help you relax.

Enhancing Self-Awareness

Here are some tips to help you develop self-awareness…

  • Reflect on your thoughts.
    • Spend time alone with your thoughts on a regular basis.
    • Examine your strengths and weaknesses.
    • Don’t forget to consider the effects of your actions on others as well.
  • Embrace new experiences.
    • You can gain a deeper understanding of yourself by stepping outside of your comfort zone.
  • Mindfulness is important.
    • The practice of mindfulness involves turning off auto-pilot and focusing on the present moment.

Dr. Patrick Argiro aka Cousin Pat has a few suggestions  …

Self-Awareness Questions/Exercises

  1. Describe a time when you used self-awareness skills.
  2. Self-awareness is important, why do you think so?
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