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Could Flex Face Signage Help Your Business Get Noticed?

While it is true that many more businesses operate solely online than was ever the case pre-pandemic, there’s still a lot to be said for bricks and mortar shops, and thankfully, new ones are continuing to spring up on high streets and out-of-town shopping complexes around the country. However, this also means that competition is growing for those businesses operating either solely from a retail premises, or with a combination of in-store and online shopping opportunities, making business signage an increasingly significant consideration for business owners.

Is bigger always better when it comes to business signage?

In a word, yes; although the wrong business signage on a big scale could mislead customers or deter them from entering your shop. Generally speaking, however, the bigger a sign is the bigger the opportunity for branding, and for catching the eye of passersby. Whether the sign is hanging above the storefront, attached to a pole outside the store, or emblazoned right across the front of the shop, big signs (such as flex face signs) are easier to read, and offer more ways for a business to sell itself. 

What are flex face signs?

Considered to be the industry standard in signage used by retail parks and many other individual businesses and big corporations, flex face signs offer a finish that’s completely seamless, and which can be made with frames that are illuminated to make an even more significant visual impact. 

In ways that regular fascia signs simply can’t compete, flex face signs can be made to any size as a result of being constructed from lighter materials, and can also be illuminated with ease. Consisting of a hardwearing frame made from aluminium, and a seamless PVC printed banner stretched securely across, flex face signs are a fantastically effective, convenient and affordable form of advertising. 

What are the main advantages of flex face signs?

Simple and safe to install, flex face signs are also incredibly durable, and with the PVC printed ‘skin’ tension fastened to the frame, they can remain in place no matter what the weather. 

Here are the main advantages of flex face signage:

  • Ideal for branding on applications of a large scale, in which a big visual impact is desirable
  • Gives a finish that looks professional and sleek
  • Can be illuminated to increase visibility when light quality is poor
  • Able to be installed quickly and safely at a significant height
  • Durable even in harsh weather
  • Easy to replace by simply swapping the PVC skin

What are the most popular types of flex face signs?

There are typically 3 main types of flex face signs:

  • Opaque backgrounds

Usually used to carry across a message that can be seen during daylight hours, the material of the signage is opaque, and cannot be seen at night time due to a lack of LED background lights. 

  • Reflective text

This type of flex face signage can be easily read when a light is shining on it, such as from a car’s headlights, or a streetlight, for example. 

  • Illuminated

Flex face signs can be illuminated by LED lights built into the framework, making the imagery or wording easy to see under the cover of darkness, and quite possibly easier to see during daylight hours, too. 

If you’re looking for a type of signage that will help your business get noticed, whether during the day, night, or both, flex face signage is an affordable and durable option that can be scaled up according to your needs. 

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