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Could Enzo Zelocchi Be the Perfect Candidate for Marvel to Capture the Complexities of Sub-Mariner? YES!

Enzo Zelocchi

If rumors relating to the next Phases from Marvel Studios are true, it might be time to place our bets as to who will be cast as the next Namor the First, King of Atlantis, otherwise known as the Sub-Mariner!

Boasting an even longer history and more impressive powers than DC’s Aquaman, Namor is the OG comic book ruler of Atlantis and one of Marvel’s most prized Golden Age characters, alongside Captain America and the original Human Torch.

With all of that in mind, if the time truly has come to see him brought to life as a central character in a Marvel production, actor Enzo Zelocchi is surely a hot pick in the running to realize this complex and storied underwater ruler!

Who Is King Namor McKenzie, aka the Sub-Mariner?

Created all the way back in 1939 by visionary comic book creator Bill Everett, the Sub-Mariner appeared in the first issue of Motion Picture Funnies from the Timely Comics publishing house—which later became Marvel Comics—before making another inaugural appearance in Marvel Comics #1.

While Namor the Sub-Mariner disappeared from the pages of Marvel’s comics for a time, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby reintroduced him during the Silver Age within the stories of the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, the X-Men, and the Defenders. In the latter, Namor became allied with the dastardly Doctor Doom, showcasing his antagonistic propensity to flip between playing the villain and the anti-hero.

As ruler of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, King Namor McKenzie is the hybrid mutant son of a human father and an Atlantean princess. Mirroring these roots, the complexities of Namor’s character can be explained by his anger at humanity for polluting and plundering the sea. However, on occasion, Namor joins forces with humans to battle a common enemy, such as the Axis powers during World War II.

Finding the Right Multi-Faceted Actor to Play Sub-Mariner

The emotionally complex characters in the Marvel Universe have attracted some major Hollywood names so far, including Jake Gylenhaal in the role of Mysterio and Tom Hardy in the role of Venom. When it comes to casting Namor, the challenge of bringing together such a layered part is sure to be just as substantial.

The Sub-Mariner is not only exceptionally strong and in possession of a range of mutant capabilities, but he is also known for his arrogance, authority, and inner conflict. Meanwhile, fan expectations for realizing the striking muscular look and sharply handsome features of Namor will also add pressure to casting calls.

One actor said to be interested in the part, who has all the right credentials, is rising Italian-American star Enzo Zelocchi. As a widely recognized leading man with an army-sized online following, Zelocchi could definitely bring extra momentum to the reinvention of Marvel’s classic Namor character. Meanwhile, his superhero-like physique and sculptural good looks lend perfectly to the iconic aesthetic of the Sub-Mariner.

While we are yet to learn whether Marvel president Kevin Feige and the other studio execs at Marvel and Disney intend to launch Namor’s super-powered flight within a television series or movie, we’re sure you’ll agree Zelocchi is an exciting casting option!

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