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Could AI Replace Drug-Sniffing Dog Breeds?

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While strict airport security measures seem inconvenient, 79% of Americans agree it is necessary. Over three-quarters of travelers believe that screening for security threats is a priority over saving people time and money flying.

It is vital to feel safe while taking a plane, from drugs to explosives, even if the security measures cause tremendous stress. For airport security to maintain high protection for travelers and keep them moving through lines quickly enough to check into their flights on time is a delicate balance.

Thus, drug sniffing dog breeds have come to the rescue of passengers. They can quickly identify threats. However, artificial intelligence seems to be picking up speed and looking to take over.

Is it true? Are drug sniffing dog breeds heading for retirement? It’s possible, yes, and here is why.

Artificial Intelligence Can Now Smell You

You always learn of groundbreaking research, but this one is truly amazing. Robots now have a sense of smell!

Tel Aviv University in Israel has researchers who discovered a biological sensor that helps machines recognize odors. The natural world can be accredited to this breakthrough in science. The researchers used the locusts’ ability with their antennae to detect and decipher scents.

Connected to an electronic system, these antennae combined machine learning to detect and measure odor. The researchers found the sensitivity you can only find with insects and animals.

Despite current research, there will always be a time and place for real sniffer dogs. When you need them most, will be there.

How the Sensor Works

It replicates the sensory organs of sniffer dogs, including their nose and ears. It can detect different signals; when they do, they are translated into electrical signals for the brain to decode. That is how we, as humans recognize certain scents and noises.

While the Tel Aviv team found this challenging, to connect the biological sensor of a locust antenna to the electronic system so that AI can decode signals, they found a breakthrough. The sensor could distinguish the scents of marzipan, lemon, and variations of Scotch whiskey.

Now, imagine leveraging this discovery to turn an AI dog to perform the role of what drug sniffing dogs can do.

The Importance of Sniffer Dogs at the Airport

K9 teams have long played a pivotal role in airport security. They can detect many potential threats, including drugs, explosives, and invasive species.

Today, the AI technology KoniKore has been scientifically born with its high-tech sensor that classifies odors by fusing neurons with silicon chips. Replacing drug detection dogs, the iPad-sized device can detect over 4,000 compounds. It can recognize a wide range of dangerous scents in a few seconds.

The Future of Drug Sniffing Dog Breeds

While AI can decipher scents like drug sniffing dog breeds, it cannot replace their other features, at least not yet. This includes their speed, agility, and intelligence to follow a human command. Also, sniffer dogs can sense danger beyond their sense of smell because they can interpret human behavior.

The world will keep turning, and scientists will continue to invent and develop solutions for improving mankind. We publish articles daily and will let you know what is happening. Please don’t leave because we have many more stories to share, so keep clicking right now!

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