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Cougar Ecosystem Launches Cougar Optimizer, a High Reward Yielding Platform

The crypto market is volatile, with regular ups and downs in the value of the coins. And the last couple of months has seen more of the latter. Even the most established cryptocurrencies with a high market cap are affected as well. This, combined with other factors, highlights the need for a De-Fi (Decentralised Finance) platform that offers a high ROI, along with complete safety and security to investors. Cougar Optimizer does just that by leveraging De-Fi protocols and strategies to maximize your profit.

Cougar Optimizer operates on the Cronos chain, a product of As the name suggests, the platform helps optimize the profit by compounding interest on the investment and efficient gas utilization, apart from other factors. Also, both the ROI and rewards are higher than on any other platform. In addition to the partner platform’s native token, you receive Cougar Optimizer’s native token, $CGO, when investing. It automatically translates into higher profit.

Yield Farming on Cougar Optimizer for long term benefits

Cougar Optimizer offers the best farming protocol among all competitors. Yield farming has become popular lately, with more and more people switching towards it due to comparatively lower risk and higher rewards. It’s one of the best ways to earn a steady passive income. 

Here is how it works. A De-Fi platform requires a high number of cryptocurrency tokens in its pool to facilitate their sale, purchase, and trading. This is where farming comes into the picture. Since no platform has that many resources in the initial stages, it employs farming, where users deposit their coins in the liquidity pool in exchange for rewards.

One of the best features of Cougar Optimizer is that rewards received through farming are automatically re-deposited to the pool. This leads to higher rewards in the long run. And, given the automatic compound system in place on Cougar Optimizer, you earn more than on other platforms. Also, the compounding frequency is set such that the benefits and rewards are maximized. Another factor that aids investors here is efficient gas utilization, which reduces the gas fees on transactions, thus maximizing profit. 

In all, the yield farming and staking protocol on Cougar Optimizer is one of the best in the market. You can compare the APY (Annual Profit Yield), risks, transparency, and other critical factors with available platforms to get a clear picture of how Cougar Optimizer is the best choice.

Tokenomics is designed to maximize your profit

The team behind the Cougar Optimizer launchpad understands the market and has designed the tokenomics after considering several factors. This includes both the long-term growth of the platform and the interests of the investors.

The initial total supply of $CGO is capped at 2,000,000, while the maximum is approximately 5,200,000. The best part, the transfer tax has been kept nil to benefit the investors. Besides, the emission rate has been set at 1 CGO/block, which is halved twice every year to maintain the optimal circulation of the native token. With the total number of $CGO under check, the inflation is kept in control, thus increasing the token’s value in the long run.

If you have been looking for a relatively less risky investment platform with a steady flow of revenue and high rewards, the Cougar Optimizer launchpad would be the ideal choice. Start small if you are unsure, and gradually increase the investment once you witness the results. 

To find out more about Cougar Optimizer, visit the official website

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