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Couch Removal: How to Dismantle a Couch

Need to dismantle a couch? It is not that difficult, only you have to learn a few tricks to do it yourself. There could be several reasons why you would want to dismantle a couch, for instance, for relocating and throwing away.

Taking apart the couch makes it easier to haul away and saves space inside the container for other trash or furniture items. Gather the required tools and equip yourself with basic couch removal instructions to take them apart successfully.

Couch Removal: How to Dismantle a Couch 

Dismantling the couch makes it easier to move through the narrow hallways and smaller, disassembled pieces take up less space on the container. Before disassembling, it is important to have the right tools for this job, for instance, a screwdriver, box cutter, Allen wrench, handsaw, staple puller, and hammer.

Remove Cushions and Mattress From the Couch 

Take off the detachable back and cushion from the couch and pack them in a bag along with small throw pillows. Loose cushions are easier to remove, however, it is not the same for attached cushions. Use a box cutter or sharp knife and carefully remove the cushions from the rest of the fabric. 

For sofa beds, put out the mattress present between the cushion and frame. Take apart the sofa bed by unscrewing the sofa arm and pulling the mattress out. Remove the mattress carefully so that it can be reused.

Take Off Upholstery 

Next, remove the upholstery or covering to expose and dismantle the couch’s frame. Usually, upholstery is attached to the sofa with staples, use a staple remover or flathead screwdriver to pull out staples that hold the upholstery.

If you intend to reuse the fabric or sofa, be more mindful when removing the fabric and save the material for future use. If you are throwing the couch away, cut it with a pair of scissors to save plenty of time and go for any used couches for sale services.

Remove Sofa Legs 

After the removal of upholstery, the couch frame will be exposed, and flip the frame on its back or side to unscrew the sofa legs. Use an Allen wrench, Phillips head screwdriver, and wrench to unscrew bolts and screws connecting the legs with the frame.

If sofa legs are connected with screwtops, all it would need to do is twist counterclockwise to detach the legs from the frame.

Dismantle the Frame

Every couch has a slightly different frame, therefore, this step may change depending on the kind of frame you have. It may require multiple tools to remove the frame from the seat and back support.

Deconstruct it carefully one piece at a time if you plan to reuse the couch. If you are dismantling the couch for disposal, grab a handsaw to cut larger pieces into smaller sizes.


Even if you are disposing of the couch, it is better to preserve good quality upholstery and cushions to be used for future use. If still not sure how to deconstruct an old couch, get help from professionals for dismantling the couch.

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