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Costs And Prices For House Cleaning in Dublin

House Cleaning

House Cleaning services cost, on average, €25 to €91 per person per hour (or €51 to €91 per hour) across the country. The price of these services will be significantly influenced by the size and condition of your home. The size of the cleaning project and any specialised services affect the cost of residential cleaning services. You may find useful details about typical house cleaning services and costs in this article.

By knowing the size of your house and HVAC system, a professional should be able to provide you with an appropriate cleaning price. Hire a home cleaning service to cross off some of your to-do list and give yourself the gift of stress relief. By conducting your research beforehand, you’ll know what to anticipate and how to ensure that the provider you work with gives you what you want. Once you give it a try, you’ll realise that hiring a pro to clean your home thoroughly is a worthwhile investment of both time and money.

The cost calculator for house cleaning

  • Dublin, Ireland, 121–311 Euros

Costs for cleaning a house

Prices for general housecleaning vary by area but normally range from €111 to €211. You can pay €411 or more for one-time appointments or more thorough cleanings. Depending on the services you choose or the person you hire to clean your house, you can pay a little less.

  • A housekeeper typically costs between €75 and €251. They frequently do additional tasks, such as cooking, laundry, and shopping, in addition to cleaning.
  • A maid service typically costs between €125 and €241. They typically only concentrate on cleaning activities.
  • The cost of a live-in or full-time housekeeper ranges from €1,211 to €2,511 a week. Expect them to do all household duties, including cooking, shopping, and cleaning. You will negotiate services and rates separately.
  • On average, junk removal services cost between €131 and €351. They don’t typically clean the house; instead, they take out any rubbish you’ve noticed and that has accumulated. When performing a one-time clean or to assist with a move out or hoarding problem, it’s frequently a terrific addition to home cleaning services.

The Average Cost to Clean a House, Divided by Size

  • 1 Bedroom €75-€131
  • 2 Bedroom €111-€181
  • 3 Bedroom €131-€221
  • 4 Bedroom €211-€225
  • 5 Bedroom for €211+

*Only for fundamental services. Regardless of size, improvements and add-ons raise the price range.

Prices for Cleaning Services

  • Single-Family Homes 121-151 Euros
  • Window Coverings €111-€211
  • for walls and ceilings, €151 to €311
  • For furniture and upholstery, budget €111–€151.
  • Cleaning for Move Out: $175 to $511
  • £211–£411 for thorough cleaning

You can hire a professional to complete a variety of tasks around your home. Get quotations from various businesses to be sure you’re getting a decent bargain, as some may offer packages or unique rates based on the time of year and other considerations.

Before choosing a service, consider these queries:

  • Are you using a service or a particular person?
  • How frequently do you use them to clean your home?
  • Do you offer specialised cleaning agents?
  • What size is your house?

Hourly Rates for House Cleaning

You should expect to pay between €25 and €91 per hour on average for house cleaning services. The price of your home is significantly influenced by its size, location, and condition.

Even if you can figure out the typical hourly wage, it’s a good idea to be prepared and know what you might be paying on a weekly or monthly basis as well. The cost of hiring a cleaning service versus a single person varies greatly.

You might consider the following prices for the typical two-hour cleaning:

  • €51 to €91 for an individual for two hours.
  • For two hours, a reputable cleaning service will cost between €111 and €181.

How Much Does Weekly House Cleaning Cost?

Cleaning costs range from €75 to €251 per visit, or €311 to €711 overall, per week. Due to the volume of service and the fact that each visit will include less cleaning, you receive a modest discount for weekly appointments.

Housekeeping Fees Per Square Foot

You’ll typically pay between €1.15 and €1.11 per square foot on housekeeping. You may spend up to €1.21 per square foot on one-time cleanings, such as those done after hoarding or moving out. The ideal method for calculating your cost per visit is based on square footage.

Cost of residential cleaning per square foot

  • 1,111 €75-€125
  • 2,111 €111-€211
  • 2,511 €125-€251
  • 3,111 €151-€311
  • 4,111 €211-€411
  • 5,111 €251-€511
  • 6,111 €311-€611

A One-Time Cleaning Service’s Price

The cost of a one-time cleaning might range from €111 to €411.

They are somewhat more expensive than a weekly or monthly plan but are useful for moving in or out as well as before and after special occasions like weddings and birthdays.

Whole Home “Ceiling-to-Floor” Cleaning

Depending on the size and condition of the home, a “ceiling-to-floor” entire house cleaning costs between €351 and €711. This is an annual service that may include:

  • thorough dusting of each ceiling
  • cleaning walls
  • window coverings that need cleaning
  • cleaning a range of flooring types

Costs for additional cleaning services

  • €165 Furniture
  • Runner: €175
  • Fireplace & Chimney for €241
  • $281 for siding
  • Microsoft €211
  • Grass: €161
  • Roof: €421
  • Ducts €371.
  • Molds €2,311

Several elements that could influence your rate include:

  • Cleaning cycles
  • pets living indoors
  • various surfaces to be cleaned.
  • particular cleaning (windows, furniture)
  • the quantity of cleaning personnel

With residential cleaning services, you may occasionally be able to bargain a fair price. However, don’t let money be your only priority at the expense of poor service.

Costs of Cleaning Furniture

Each appointment to clean furniture ranges from €121 to €221. The majority of cleaners tack this fee onto their base prices. To avoid damaging your upholstery, extra time, specialised tools, and cleaning supplies are needed.

Cleaning of carpets

In general, carpet cleaning in Dublin costs between €121 and €231. Get a deep cleaning for your carpet at least once a year, more frequently if there is a lot of foot activity. To save money, you can complete this task on your own, but be sure to avoid these carpet cleaning blunders. If you rent, use tape to mark out trouble locations like pet stains, coffee stains, and blotches. In the event that the cleaners need to move furniture, take anything fragile out of the room.

The best option is typically to engage a local carpet cleaning company that specialises in steaming and shampooing floors and drapes. Some housekeepers, maid services, and home cleaners provide this as an add-on.

The price of cleaning fireplaces and chimneys

The average cost of a chimney sweep is between €125 and €351. Have your chimney cleaned frequently to avoid fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. If you burn through more than a cord of wood in a season, you should do this twice a year at the very least.

Before lighting a fire in the fireplace, creosote, leaves, and other debris must be cleared away. Finding a nearby chimney sweep is necessary because the majority of cleaning firms do not provide this service.

Power washing siding

Costs for pressure cleaning a home’s exterior range from €175 to €411. It preserves them in good condition and hinders the spread of mould and corrosion. Always hire a contractor to handle this since, if not used correctly, the strong stream of water can harm trim, wood, windows, and fixtures. To get estimates and inspections, contact a nearby pressure cleaning business.

window washing

Window cleaning typically costs between €151 and €311. Have this done at least once a year to prevent the accumulation of dirt, dust, and grime. The cost of a window cleaning service will vary based on things like:

  • Number of windows
  • equipment necessary
  • Number of stories

Garbage removal

Gutter cleaning typically costs between €275 and €511. The entire cost is determined by the number of linear feet and the state of your gutters. Your gutters and downspouts accumulate leaves and other debris over time, especially in the fall and winter, which prevents them from removing moisture from the roof. Professionals inspect your gutters for corrosion and cracks and may suggest installing netting to keep them clear.

Roof Power Washing

Roof cleaning ranges from €311 to €611. It doesn’t take long, but it does require specialised cleaning and safety equipment. Not every kind of roof requires cleaning. For estimates and an inspection, get in touch with a nearby roof cleaning specialist.

Vents & Ducts

Cleaning ducts and vents can cost between €111 and €511. Rates vary depending on your ductwork’s total linear feet or the amount of vents you have. Your HVAC system accumulates dust over time, which needs to be removed with specialised cleaners and strong vacuums. Consider installing a whole-house air purifier if you’re worried about the air quality.

  • Costs range from €275 to €511 for duct and vent cleaning.
  • Cleaning dryer vents might cost between €111 and €175.
  • Installing a whole-home air purifier costs between €511 and €3,711.

Costs of Mold Removal

In general, mould removal expenses range from €1,111 to €3,511. Before having the rest of your house cleaned, you should take care of any mould issues. Not all mould is poisonous. Have a local mould inspector examine it.

Fees for cleaning services

Since each job necessitates a visual examination before a quote, the majority of national cleaning companies don’t advertise their pricing. Your house can just require a quick cleaning, or it might be a disaster area that demands an afternoon of arduous labour. It is unrealistic to anticipate a price match between the two. However, you might anticipate the following ranges for your home’s needs.

Costs of Cleaning Services

  • The hourly rate at The Cleaning Authority ranges from €75 to €95.
  • Total COIT (Carpet and Hard Surface): €181 to €481
  • The amount charged per hour by Merry Maids depends on the job’s size.
  • Molly Maid, hourly rate of 75-111 euros

*Two people work there

DIY Versus Professional Cleaning

Hire a home cleaning service to cross off some of your to-do list and give yourself the gift of stress relief. By conducting your research beforehand, you’ll know what to anticipate and how to ensure that the provider you work with gives you what you want. Once you give it a try, you’ll realise that hiring a pro to clean your home thoroughly is a time and money well spent.

Hire a Business or a Person?

When compared to hiring a professional cleaning firm, there may be noticeable differences. These consist of hiring expenses, potential legal problems, and availability. In order to fully understand what you’re getting for your money in any scenario, it’s critical to ask numerous questions.

Beyond merely cleaning, individual housekeepers can provide a variety of services, such as cooking, babysitting, and laundry folding. However, you won’t have a replacement if they fall sick or have to take a holiday. It’s best to take a few extra precautions to protect yourself if you’re not working with a licenced and bonded business because there may possibly be legal difficulties involved:

  • For an employer ID, speak with the IRS.
  • Make sure they are authorised to work in Dublin.
  • Make sure that everyone working in your home is covered by your insurance.
  • If your annual payment is greater than €1,711, you must pay additional expenses like insurance.

Both benefits and drawbacks might be associated with cleaning services. A cleaning business typically has backups available because it has a large staff at its disposal. Because they might send a team rather than a single person, they can be more comprehensive. However, they may be rushed and provide less individualised care because they try to visit numerous households in a single day.


What services fall under basic housekeeping?

You may usually choose the specific services you want to use. But anticipate that standard housekeeping will involve:

  • cleaning surfaces to get rid of germs and viruses.
  • sweeping hard surfaces.
  • cleaning and sanitising the bathroom.
  • removing trash.
  • Change the sheets.
  • washing every surface in the kitchen.

How can I reduce the cost of cleaning my house?

Here are some actions you may take to cut costs on expert home cleaning services:

  • Keep to Your Budget
  • Pick a business that offers all the services you require at an affordable price.
  • Take care of simple cleaning jobs by yourself.
  • Perform simple chores like taking out the trash or rapidly dusting open surfaces.

What they clean is their choice. Pick out a few rooms to tidy. Choose the areas that require the greatest work or see the most foot traffic.

Maintain a supply on hand.

For the pros, you should always keep cleaning products on hand.

How much does a thorough cleaning of a home cost?

211 to 411 euros are spent on deep cleaning. A thorough clean often takes longer, uses more chemicals, and covers more ground than a regular maid service.

How much does a housekeeper charge?

Depending on the kinds of tasks you need done, a cleaning lady, housekeeper, or maid will generally cost between €25 and €81 per hour.

What do house cleaners get paid?

Housekeepers in your area can expect to make more money than the national average wage of €12 per hour.

How much should I bill for house cleaning services?

A house cleaning should cost between €75 and €311. Most cleaning jobs should take 1.5 to 3 hours, and for the majority of independent contracts, your fees will range from €25 to €51 per hour.

How much does cleaning an establishment cost?

Expenses for commercial cleaning range from €151 to €351. The overall costs are a reflection of the various business types, locations, cleaning needs, and sizes.

What is the price of move-in or move-out cleaning?

Cleaning for move-in or move-out ranges from €211 to €411. Large places will cost more, and because it’s a “deep clean,” it will take longer and require more chemicals.

How much does cleaning an apartment cost?

An average apartment cleaning bill ranges from €51 to €151. Apartments often take a third as long and cost a third as much to clean as a home.

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