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Cost optimisation in cloud: Q&A with James Campanini, CEO, VeUP

Cost optimisation in cloud

With economic uncertainty on the rise and cloud spending slowing, TechBullion spoke with James Campanini, CEO, VeUP about how companies can improve their cloud operations. 

Tell us about VeUP and the company’s mission?

We’re a specialist tech consultancy firm that specifically helps Amazon Web Services (AWS) software partners scale revenue streams and optimise operations. 

Our company recognises that AWS is the engine of business growth, yet so many businesses lack the support they need to master it and reach their full potential. 

To address this issue, VeUP has developed a bespoke senior team of AWS experts, supported by a substantial fund to help our clients expand and increase their market share. We have offices in the UK and US and are seeking to make a number of investments and acquisitions in the coming months. 

What are the biggest challenges facing your customers? 

Economic uncertainty fuelled by high inflation and rising interest rates means that many businesses are reducing spending and initiating efficiency programmes to cut overheads. 

Speaking with our partners and customers, they place huge value on AWS and cloud as the engine of their business, yet many lack the skills and resources to optimise these environments from a cost perspective. Many also see cost optimisation as an afterthought, and do not include it in the design phase, leading to problems further down the line.

The issue is exacerbated as many partners want to get their product to market as quickly as possible so they tend to use whatever they can to build out the product instead of choosing the right AWS services. During our recent assessment exercise, we discovered that the average software vendor on AWS was scoring only 2.5 out of 5 on our benchmark. 

How can VeUP help?

Our team has decades of cloud experience, indeed many of our senior team are former employees of AWS. We work with customers to enable them to improve their cloud environments, realigning their operations, giving them access to a broader array of services and operating more efficiently.

We firmly believe that cost optimisation is at the top of the cloud agenda, and our customers can reap real value from our consultancy and expertise. By becoming a core partner of VeUP, high-tech software companies won’t have to worry about their AWS billing & cost management. 

This ensures the partners can concentrate on their product strategy & growth plan. VeUP as a voice of AWS innovation will work with you to implement AWS and industry best practices to optimise your workload costs. 

The VeUP team will deliver frictionless billing management by providing consolidated billing, usage visibility and cost governance. This is just the tip of the iceberg as we are going to introduce advanced FinOps features for our partners that will provide even better outcomes when it comes to cost optimisation.

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