Cornucopias Land Mint, the Largest NFT Land Sale on Cardano is Over – What Next? 

After 5 action-packed days, a truly global force of Cornucopians has easily and quickly snatched up every single land plot in Cardano’s most community-focused metaverse. As a result, the entire inventory of 24,000 District Land plots sold out in the largest most successful single land sale on the Cardano blockchain. From small land plots to massive Copias-sized plots with buyers participating from 163 of the world’s 195 countries.

Following the massive sell-out, the team announced that there would be no more chances to purchase District Land plots in the Theme Zones until sometime next year. However, they promised to return with the next custom dome NFT sale very soon.

The Cornucopias Island NFT lands – Rising Play-To-Earn Game on Cardano Blockchain

Gamefi is one of the ecosystems that has thrived well through the invention of the metaverse. Gamefi is a blockchain-based gaming model with monetary incentives for players. So players can earn in-game rewards, which can be converted to digital assets and, consequently, real money. 

The Cardano blockchain hosts some of the most exciting blockchain games, and one whose uprising has caught the attention of many GameFi enthusiasts is Cornucopias. Cornucopias ‘The Island’ is a massive blockchain-based Play-To-Earn, Build-To-Earn, and Learn-To-Earn game in which players can be rewarded with and/or own land, properties, and other NFT-based assets with real-world value by playing games in a fun and safe metaverse.

‘The Island’ is divided into 12 themed zones such as the ‘Solace’ zone, the ‘Esperanza’ zone, the ‘Fortune’ zone, and so on, where people of all ages can play a series of mini-games, getting lost in the play-to-earn ecosystem where they can earn real-world value as they explore and build in a safe and secure world.

‘The Island’ integrates gaming with real-world commerce, allowing traditional and e-commerce businesses to sell and promote real-world brands, goods, and services to a hard-to-reach audience they may never have had access to in the real-world or through traditional marketing.

A Closer Look at Metaverse and NFT Lands

As the internet continues to grow, the metaverse is one of the new buzzwords among users. The metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds that are linked and accessed via mobile devices, desktop computers, gaming consoles and smart TV’s, on screen or with virtual reality headsets. Users navigate the metaverse via subtle body movements, feedback controllers, or voice commands. Headsets can integrate the user more deeply, stimulating their presence, which is created by creating the physical sensation of being physically present.

To see the metaverse in action, consider popular massively multiplayer virtual reality games, in which players use avatars to engage with each other and manipulate their surroundings. Today, entertainers are experimenting with metaverse concert hosting. The sports industry follows suit, with Manchester City constructing virtual stadiums where fans can watch games and buy virtual products.

But just like in the real world, before anyone can erect any virtual property, they must first acquire a piece of land in the form of NFTs to build on. This has made NFT land one of the most valuable assets in the metaverse. Owners can resell or rent out their virtual land for digital assets which can then be converted into real money, and stake their NFT’s creating additional layers of value.

Cornucopias’ most recent success with only three of the twelve planned NFT themed zone land sales, follows several record breaking in-game NFT sales such as the Bubblejett and GTI Javelin vehicle sales, and the Cornucopias NFT2tree philanthropic program with all proceeds and secondary market revenue being used to plant hundreds of thousands of physical trees where they are most needed in the world. 

The Cardano blockchain is proving to be the ideal home for gamefi metaverse projects and Cornucopias has risen to be the most favored metaverse game project by the Cardano community and those in the know.

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