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Coresky, the World’s First Asset-Packaged NFT Issuance and Trading Platform, Launches Its Fifth Launchpad To Support Innovative Development in Cryptocurrency Investment

On July 17th, Eastern Time, Coresky, the world’s first asset-packaged NFT issuance and trading platform, announced the launch of its fifth Launchpad, further promoting the development and innovation of asset-packaged NFT technology and providing users with more opportunities to participate in and invest in encrypted assets.

In this Launchpad, Coresky will mint its own LayerZero primary market assets into LayerZero-packaged NFTs with a total value of up to $1 million. The issuance of these NFTs will grant users the rights to own primary market tokens of LayerZero that have not yet been issued.

LayerZero is a universal messaging platform that adopts a super lightweight node design, allowing it run on expensive L1 chains like Ethereum without incurring high costs. This lightweight design enables LayerZero to efficiently process transactions and verify cross-chain interactions, making it possible for effective delivery of blockchain cross-chain transactions.

Compared to traditional blockchain technologies, LayerZero possesses many unique features. One key feature is its support for native transactions between different chains. Through innovative endpoint design, LayerZero can easily scale to support various chains. This sets LayerZero apart in competition with chains like Polkadot and Cosmos, opening up new possibilities for general message passing in Web3. LayerZero has attracted attention and favor from numerous well-known investment institutions, including a16z, Sequoia, Tiger Global, Coinbase Ventures, PayPal Ventures, Spartan, Multicoin, Del, Binance Labs, S Global, CoinFund, and Polygon. These institutions hold an optimistic view of LayerZero’s future growth prospects.

The Scroll-packaged NFT, the previous Launchpad project on the Coresky platform, has been successfully sold. According to reliable sources, Scroll is expected to launch its mainnet in August this year. The issuance of high-quality blockchain project assets has led to a rapid increase in users on theresky platform. The platform shows that the number of CoreCard NFT holders is approaching 6,000. CoreCard is an identity and equity-based NFT offered by the Coresky platform, divided into six levels. In the Launchpad event, users of CoreCard levels V1-V5 are eligible to participate in the lottery.

The fifth edition of Launchpad will release 10,000 LayerZero-packaged NFTs, with an initial Mint price of 100U per NFT. Users can simply mint and bind their CoreCard for free on the Coresky platform and meet the 7×24-hour binding requirement to receive Tickets generated by the CoreCard. These Tickets allow users to participate in the lottery for the LayerZero-packaged NFTs. Users who are successful in the lottery will be granted the rights to Mint the LayerZero-packaged NFTs.

In this edition of Launchpad, users with V4 and V5 ranks will also receive free airdropped LayerZero-packaged NFTs as a reward from Coresky for being loyal users with high-ranking CoreCards on the platform. Users who wish to receive this airdrop benefit can upgrade their CoreCard to V4 or V5 rank through trading mining or directly purchase higher-ranking CoreCards on the Coresky Marketplace. Coresky will take a snapshot of user addresses holding CoreCard V4 and V5 July 31st, 00:00 Eastern Time. CoreCard V4 users who meet the snapshot criteria will receive a LayerZero-packaged NFT worth 200U, while CoreCard V5 users will receive a LayerZero-packaged NFT worth 1000U. Users only need to bind their CoreCard on the Coky platform to fulfill the snapshot criteria.

The Coresky platform launches 12-15 Launchpad projects every year, providing users with continuous opportunities for investing and trading in more encrypted assets. As a pioneer in the Asset-packaged NFT field, Coky has a clear vision and goal to create unlimited possibilities for digital assets through the innovation of Asset-packaged NFTs. The platform is committed to providing users with a wide range investment opportunities by packaging diverse digital assets into NFTs, allowing users to access various types of investment choices on one platform, including cryptocurrencies, artworks, collectibles, game assets, and more. Additionally, Coresky aims to promote liquidity and trading activities of digital assets while reducing the complexity and costs of transactions through the issuance and trading of Asset-packaged NFTs. Leveraging advanced blockchain technology and smart contracts, Coresky contributes to the issuance, trading, and governance of Asset-packaged NFTs, making a contribution to the development of the digital economy. It brings new opportunities for digital asset investments to users and drives the liquidity and development of digital assets.

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