Cord-Free Convenience: Experiencing the Joy of the UGREEN Wireless Charger for iPhone

Low battery anxiety is real and can genuinely ruin someone’s day, particularly when the time comes to pay an online bill or use one of your many daily-driver apps. From dining and transportation to hybrid work, having a wireless portable charger for your phone is a game changer!

Regardless of your preference for a traditional iPhone charger or a wireless charger for iPhone, UGREEN offers innovative options to fulfill all of your power requirements.

With this guide in mind, discover UGREEN’s selection of power banks designed specifically for iPhones and other Apple products.

Why are UGREEN Power Banks the First Choice for iPhones?

If you’re an iPhone user, there’s one big issue with using modern-day power banks; they drain battery health. Many users reported that after using a wireless charger, their battery health drains quickly. That’s where UGREEN comes in.

UGREEN power banks are equipped with battery protection technology that saves your device from overcharging and overheating. These power banks also utilize sophisticated power distribution to provide high-charging speeds without sacrificing battery life.

An additional key highlight for UGREEN power banks is their Trickle Charging Mode feature which allows connected devices to stay charged while also providing a reduced discharge rate to smaller devices. Put simply, this solves the limitations of other power banks by providing a charge to smaller devices with lower wattage requirements: AirPods and smart watches, to name a few.

Both of these features make these power banks excellent investments for iPhone users who want a satisfying, smooth charging experience complimented with durability and long-term reliability.

Top 3 UGREEN Wireless Chargers

Here’s a selection of wireless chargers from UGREEN that go well with your iPhone and other Apple products. These chargers offer quick and easy charging for daily use by fusing

robust charging technology with an elegant design. The top wireless power banks from

UGREEN’s extensive collection of charging accessories are as follows:

UGREEN Foldable Kickstand 10000mAh Magnetic Battery

This UGREEN Foldable Kickstand Magnetic Battery Power Bank combines functionality and convenience, charging compatible iPhones without requiring a click of the power button thanks to its strong magnetic attachment that automatically turns on when it detects an iPhone.

In addition to being practical, the foldable kickstand allows you to use your phone hands-free in both portrait and landscape mode. With its 10000mAh battery and three-device simultaneous charging capabilities, it’s the perfect travel companion for iPhone owners.

Its fast charging speed and compact nature make it a great travel or everyday power bank.

UGREEN 10000mAh 20W Magnetic Power Bank

Designed for the iPhone 15 Pro Max and other compatible models, the UGREEN 10000mAh 20W Magnetic Power Bank supports wireless charging as well as wired charging. Its powerful 10N magnet guarantees a steady connection, making one-handed use for photo taking or video calls a breeze.

The 10000mAh capacity provides nearly two full charges for an iPhone 15 Pro, keeping you connected throughout the day.Its skin-soft silicone exterior and slim design make it comfy to hold and carry.

It is a multipurpose charger for iPhone users, supporting both one-way and two-way charging with 20 watts of maximum charging power.

UGREEN 5000mAh Magnetic Power Bank

UGREEN’s 5000mAh Magnetic Power Bank is a fantastic choice for people who value portability.Its small and slim form factor aside, it packs a 5000mAh battery which is plenty for your iPhone.

The soft silicone feels comfortable on the skin and the magnetic attachment works with most iPhone models with the MagSafe feature.Its USB-C connector allows for 15-watts of input and output rapid charging.

It’s also equipped with the Trickle Charging Mode which is especially useful for charging smaller devices like AirPods, ensuring a complete charge without interruptions. Talk about portability—this powerful power bank literally fits in your pocket!


UGREEN offers a variety of power banks and wireless chargers that provide reliable and efficient charging options for iPhone users.Whether it is flexible power stations or small magnetic power banks for everyday use, UGREEN’s flexible, efficient power banks have something for everyone’s needs.

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