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Copper Thermal Straps – Affordable Thermally Conductive Vibration Isolation

Copper thermal straps are an affordable alternative to some of the more expensive materials available on the market. They’re the most cost-effective solution for vibration isolation and thermally conductive applications. 

Whether you need to create a connection between two components with minimal heat flow or reduce vibration from machinery in your production line, these thermal straps provide high performance without breaking your budget. Read on to learn more about what makes these strap solutions so reliable and durable.

What Are Copper Thermal Straps?

Copper thermal straps are an effective and affordable way to keep your aerospace system or any other environment where you need heat transfer under control. These thermally conductive vibration isolation devices are made with high-purity copper wire strands, which make them flexible enough for even the most demanding applications.

Customization Options

Copper thermal straps come in various customization options to suit different applications. Copper-cabled thermal straps (CuTS®) are made from oxygen-free high conductivity copper and can be manufactured to meet customer requirements. Thermal straps are also available in aluminum or encapsulated graphite, foil-type aluminum, and copper.

Additionally, these straps can be produced with bundled and cabled high-purity copper wire strands, pyrolytic graphite film, graphite fiber, or graphite film/sheets. With such a wide range of customization options, copper thermal straps can be tailored to fit any application that requires thermally conductive vibration isolation and passive heat transfer.

Cryogenic And Aerospace Engineering

Copper thermal straps are primarily used in cryogenic and aerospace engineering to transfer heat between two components. Copper thermal straps, also known as thermal braids or links, are passive heat transfer devices that offer thermally conductive vibration isolation.

They are constructed of high-purity copper wire strands bundled and cabled together and can be produced to meet customer requirements. Copper thermal straps are flexible, reliable, and cost-effective for transporting heat in demanding applications. In addition, they are often used in optical systems in the aerospace industry due to their ability to cool quickly and efficiently.

Particle Accelerator And Semiconductor Applications

Copper Thermal Straps are an effective and affordable way to transfer heat in particle accelerator and semiconductor applications. They are constructed of high-purity copper wire strands, which provide thermally conductive vibration isolation. They can be used to cool optical systems in aerospace applications and for cryocooler and refrigeration systems.

Additionally, they are often used in constructing particle accelerators and semiconductor devices due to their ability to reliably transport heat in demanding applications. For example, copper thermal straps have been used to connect the superconducting magnets of a particle accelerator at CERN, ensuring that the magnets remain at a consistent temperature while operating. Similarly, copper thermal straps have been used in semiconductor manufacturing processes to ensure that components remain within a specific temperature range during production.

The Benefits And Uses Of Copper Thermal Straps: In Closing

Copper should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a versatile, highly effective thermal strap material for your engineering applications. It excels in cryogenic and aerospace environments and particle accelerator and semi-conductor settings – to name a few.

With its superior heat conductivity, copper is an ideal choice for various industrial uses. We encourage you to use copper thermal straps in your engineering projects. We hope you found this information helpful. Thanks for reading.


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