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Copo Sports: Making Your Dream of Playing on a Hardwood Sports Courts Outdoor Come True!

Copo Sports Macwood Flooring is your indoor/outdoor sports courts flooring solution that lasts a lifetime!

Copo Sports, a sporting goods company founded by VMKON, has launched a synthetic hardwood flooring system that knows no boundaries for the first time in the history of sports court flooring. 

Macwood Flooring has been designed using unique state-of-the-art composite technology that makes it eco-friendly and reliable. Each plank is made of innovative reinforced premofibre material with multiple layers underneath to give it the durability and resilience required to withstand external factors. 

The topmost layer of Macwood Flooring comprises synthetic wooden planks, giving it a hardwood-like look and feel. These surface planks are coated with a FIBA-certified seal and finish or UV-resistant heavy-duty Copo wears layer, which provides excellent traction and appropriate gloss.

The underlayer or bottom structure is comprised of 3 layers: The double-layered reinforced plastic planks laid out vertically and horizontally to form a base for the top frame, special resilient rubber padding that provides shock absorption, and 1mm to 15mm plastic height or level adjusters to ensure an even court surface.

The material used in making Macwood Flooring, combined with cutting-edge technology and creative structural engineering, helps it deliver optimum athletic performance while offering unparalleled shock absorption, rebounce rate, force reduction, and durability. 

It is also resilient against factors such as termite infestation, rainwater leakage, flooding, UV light, heavy load, high impact, and chemical exposure. The flooring is coated with a FIBA-approved seal and finish, and UV-resistant wear layer that keeps it from chipping, cracking, or fading due to heavy-duty usage and exposure to harmful UV rays. Plus, the coating also has slip-resistant properties and provides extra grip and traction to the players.

All these properties make Macwood Flooring an excellent and long-lasting choice for indoor and outdoor sports court flooring.

Macwood Flooring has three products:

  • Macwood Standard (Indoor & Outdoor)
  • Macwood Pro (Indoor & Outdoor)
  • Macwood Portable 

VMKON holds the FIBA Certification for Macwood Standard Indoor, Macwood Pro Indoor, and Macwood Portable for meeting the FIBA Level 1 requirements for wooden flooring. While it also holds the certification for Macwood Standard Outdoor flooring for FIBA 3×3 Equipment, which means that it is fit for competition level 1 & 2 sports. 


Copo Sports is a sporting goods company founded in 2019 by VMKON. It is the pioneer of next-generation sports flooring with its Macwood Flooring system, providing safe and competitive gameplay for indoor and outdoor sports courts.

Copo Sports also deals in thermoplastic elastomer, polypropylene interlocking sports tiles, and basketball backstops. It provides consultation, design, installation, customization, and maintenance for all its products.

The material used in manufacturing all Copo products is non-toxic food-grade material, in compliance with EN REACH and EOHS codes, making them safe, healthy, and green. 

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