Cool Office Supplies – Useful and Fun Gadgets That Help You Stay Motivated At Work

When office work becomes monotonous, we keep looking for fun gadgets that help us stay active throughout the day. Whether you work from home or office, spending most of your day in your work cubicle is tedious and stressful. Unfortunately, everyone cannot get a booth for working and so decorating your work desk with some cool office supplies would make your dull office space lively and enjoyable.

Moreover, an exciting and fun office space promotes work productivity and develops your creativity and passion for what you do. Office gadgets look sleek and attractive like a stylish pen stand or aroma diffuser, offer comforts like ergonomic chairs and neck massagers, and uplift your mood when you feel low. For example, your smartwatch receives your messages when you are busy making presentations.

Office accessories are available today at reasonable prices for all. Software engineers, designers, mechanical engineers, receptionists, teachers, etc., use tools and devices that entertain them while they work long hours. High-tech gadgets, solar chargers, ergonomic chairs, foot raisers, acupressure foot mats, LED touch lights, etc., add tremendous fun and energy to a dull office area.

As the work-from-home culture developed in recent years, due to the covid lockdown, many people continued working at home as a convenient method of working and earning. However, you must develop your workspace into a productive and convenient station with access to necessary office gadgets. Also, your workspace would define itself to be a separate space in your home where you won’t be disturbed during working hours by your children.

Tech companies have developed many fun office gadgets and received positive reviews for most of the products. The high-tech accessories and furniture are unique and highly useful with user-friendly features and reasonably priced so everyone can buy them online or from the local store. We have noted some of these devices based on their popular reviews and jotted them down to help you find the best one for your office.

Keep reading to know about some of the cool office supplies best suited for your needs. From office chairs to notepads, headphones to Bluetooth speakers, air purifiers to water bottles, we have mentioned all that is helpful for office use and fun while working.

Popular Office Essentials

The AirBar Touchscreen sensor is one of the fun office gadgets for regular use. It turns your standard laptop screen into a touchscreen monitor by simply plugging in the USB. 

You can attach the AirBar to your monitor base via magnets or USB and use your fingers or paintbrush to navigate your screen. Compatible with Windows 10 and Mac laptops, the gadget works wonders at offices, and small business owners or office employees can make presentations or meetings.

Most people have sedentary lifestyles working long hours on the PC. Back home, they have to manage their household schedules and get less time for themselves. As a result, keeping fit is challenging, and skipping the gym adversely affects your body.

Meet the Cubii JR1 Under Desk Elliptical Machine that saves you from inactivity and offers physical exercise while you work. This mini, seated equipment has an under-desk peddle for exercising your legs while sitting on a desk or couch. It provides the much-needed physical movement to your legs without any impact on your joints and needs minimum effort.

Chargers and Adapters

It’s a bummer if your phone battery dies when you are busy working on your office project. Portable power banks are widely used today to solve this issue and keep your devices charged throughout the day. However, even power banks need electric charging when you are on the go.

In comes the Suscell Solar Phone Charger, a solar power bank with dual USB-A ports to charge two devices simultaneously. With a 20,000mAh battery, Suscell offers enough power to charge your smartphone four times. 

Moreover, its built-in intelligent charging identification system prevents overcharging devices by adjusting their voltage output depending on the device used. So simply charge the solar-powered gadget in sunlight and enjoy an unlimited power source anywhere!

The Plugable USB 3.0 Docking Station effortlessly connects your laptop to your office workstation via cable. With two USB 3.0 jacks and four USB 2.0 jacks, the portable station supports 2 HD monitors, wired Gigabit Ethernet, headphones, microphones, etc. So, have a desk space free of messy cords while all your devices stay organized near the docking station.  

The Zendure Passport II Pro Travel Adapter is one of the best universal travel adapters available today. With a 61W USB-C Power Delivery Port and a 10A Auto Resetting Fuse, it can simultaneously charge six devices. In addition, this universal compatible device is super light and compact enough to be carried in your office backpack and used whenever needed.

Personal Care in Office

When you work tirelessly in your office, it is imperative to have personal care gadgets that help you stay active and motivated to perform challenging tasks and eliminate the stress that keeps building up. After all, your health is essential to your life, and you need to take a break to pamper yourself.

The Belmint Shiatsu Back Shoulder and Neck Massager give you the feel of a salon massage on your neck while seated on your office chair. Its eight deep kneading nodes gently massage your tissues and muscles, and infrared heating relieves muscle pain and stress. The shiatsu massager is ergonomic and comfortably fits on your office chair, so you can use it whenever you feel stressed.

You strain your eyes spending long hours working on your PC monitor, resulting in fatigue and headaches. In addition, your productivity gets affected as you can’t focus on your work and would need to rest constantly.

The Livho Blue Light Blocking Eye-Glasses with polycarbonate lenses block out your laptop’s harmful blue light, UVA, and UVB lights, minimizing the glare that causes fatigue. In addition, the lightweight eyeglasses are durable and a must-have for people working long hours on laptops or computer screens.

Stationary Gadgets

The EarlyAdopters Laminated Wall Calendar lets you stay organized with your daily work tasks. This old-school calendar helps you stay on track with your project deadlines and tasks. This durable gadget’s thick laminated film coat prevents smudging and has large display boxes to help you write multiple tasks. 

Moreover, the calendar looks elegant on your office wall with five dry-erase markers, variable colors, and an eraser.

Do you have a habit of accidentally spilling your drinks on your notes and spoiling them? The Post-it Extreme Notes Sticky Notepad is a cool office supplies that’s waterproof and weatherproof for indoor and outdoor use when you travel for your projects. Using permanent markers to write on them is advisable to avoid bleeding ink when it gets wet in the rain.

The Atech Multifunction Pen gives you the feel of using a Swiss army knife that forms a pen. The unique device includes various sections that perform different functions. You can use it as a stylus, a screwdriver, a ruler, a bottle opener, and a phone stand. 

Atech is a must-have office gadget for workaholics as it comes in handy during unexpected situations. In addition, it is one of the best office gadgets you can carry while traveling.

Office Chairs

Working long hours in front of your laptop can stress your back and neck or cause postural imbalances. It further leads to severe health issues like cervical problems, muscle pains, etc. 

Offices usually have ergonomic chairs for comfortable seating. However, working from home requires an office chair to offer similar support and comfort.

The Herman Miller Sayl Ergonomic Office Chair offers the best comfort to your back when you sit on it with its unique design. Suitable for people of all body sizes, its flexible body adjusts to your body structure and offers firm support to your back to prevent slouching. 

Moreover, its wheels provide easy movement while you are seated. Herman’s design and durability have won the hearts of many office employees, and it continues to be one of the cool office supplies.

Final Words

Whether you work from the office or at home, these fun office gadgets have helped you work efficiently. Office gadgets like the elliptical machine exerciser, the Bluetooth ANC headphones, and earbuds remove stress from your work. They allow you to stay active and motivated all day. The above office accessories are some of the best-known gadgets used in most workplaces. You can browse various online platforms to know their usefulness before trying your hands on them. 


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