Cool Cats NFTs is now on the Tron chain

Coolcats, an NFT with robust rarity and randomness planned into its supply, is now available on the Tron chain. This new development will allow for offering of Coolcats mints on the Tron blockchain.

The Cool Cats project was launched earlier in June of 2021 on Ethereum. Its tokenomics allows for only 9,999 supply of the Cool cats first generation cats with 300k possible combinations for its first generation cats. 

Its 300k potential combination, will result in cats with varying physique, hat types, different faces, as well as varying outfits. It also goes on to define how each cat is ranked. You want to think of this as genetic variances from older generations of a particular species giving birth to new unique offsprings.

The cool cats theme was inspired by the creation of the cartoonist, Colin, popularly known as Clon.

The earlier Ethereum Cool Cats became an industry hit for NFT pet collectibles earlier this summer. Upon launch a cool cat was worth somewhere around 0.06 ETH. At the time of writing, it’s worth the cheapest Cool cats on Opensea is worth around $12k.

With entrance unto the Tron NFT space, against a limited supply prices are expected to respond bullishly for Cool cats collectibles, which is what many NFT Pet collectors think.

Also, transferring its tokenomics and genetic features unto the Tron blockchain, the Tron version is also as unique, rare and as randomized as the Cool Cats Ethereum mints. 

Another interesting thing about the Tron version is that although the Tron version is a direct replica of the original ETH version, all Tron mints have a minting cost fixed at 1,500 TRX for fresh Cool cat mints on the Tron chain, which is around $135.

Following the success of  Tpunks,  as the world’s first NFT project on the Tron Blockchain, there has been the rise of several successful Tron based NFT projects. In Fact after the launch of Tpunk, TronMeebits, raised over 1.2 million dollars, from selling 20,000 digital art pieces in 36 hours. Also Bored Ape Yacht Club Tron, another Tron NFT did well on its release day. 

With the Tron Coolcat users could form a collection of cats, allowing users to mint several cats at once. Also users can adopt huge cat families, with a 10% Pool launched for over 30 and over 150 Tron Cool Cat owners. 

Hence, 10% of the interest from that pool will be given to the most cat-loving representatives of the Coolcats Tron community. Coolcats will also be launched with its own marketplace.


With all of the arrangements by the Coolcat team, like the projects planned tokenomics  in place, and the migration of Coolcats to Tron, there is a strong optimism about Coolcats move unto Tron by the NFT community. 

Finally another thing we may be seeing with the rise of Tron based NFTs, like Cool cats, is a cross chain swap of these NFT from Ethereum to Tron and vice versa. However, that is only speculative and not on the project’s roadmap. 

The point being, that projects like Coolcats and the aforementioned NFTs will likely evolve into bigger and diverse asset types and collections, with more robust function and liquidity potentials.

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