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Converting WMA to MP3 with the best online file converter

Key features of WMA files

A WMA file extension serves as an audio codec and helps improve the playback settings at lower bitrates. In other words, a WMA file can retain high-quality media files while taking up less space. The .wma files are best for compressing English audio files.

What is a WMA file?

A WMA file is a shortened form of Windows Media Audio. It is an audio file container native to Windows Media Player, the pre-built multimedia player of Windows OS. 

Compatibility problems with WMA files

WMA files can run seamlessly on Windows Media Player and a few other playback devices. However, many devices, players, and operating systems don’t support WMA file formats. For example, Google phones use the built-in Android media scanner, which fails to support the parsing of WMAs properly. It might be because the WMA file type is a proprietary audio file format of Microsoft.

Key features of MP3 files

Here are the key features of MP3 files:

What is an MP3 file?

An MP3 is a popularly used digital music file format that allows easy transfer and storage. MP3 files work by compressing the data for storage efficiencies, which means there will be some amount of data reduction. However, that does not affect the sound quality. Therefore, these can closely retain the CD quality while compressing the song. That’s why we can listen to clear music by playing MP3 files, even at smaller sizes.

Why are MP3 files preferred over WMA files?

One issue with WMA files is that they are unable to perform well at high frequencies. On the other hand, good quality MP3 encoders let users play high-frequency audio content. The major disadvantage of a WMA is that it is not universally compatible, unlike MP3s. Besides, WMA files often take up more space due to higher file size compared to an equivalent-quality MP3 audio file.

How to convert WMA to MP3?

Now that you know the difference between WMA vs. MP3, it’s time to initiate the conversion process. Here are some simple steps to guide you throughout the process.

Choose a suitable file converter

There are numerous sites to convert WMAs to MP3s – you simply need to browse through a few of them to decide on a site that is efficient and convenient. With an easy-to-use online converter, converting a WMA to an MP3 should be quick and hassle-free. You can either use an online WMA to MP3 converter or download a conversion app.

Drag and drop your WMA files

One thing we like about many online file converters is their drag-and-drop feature. You can easily upload your WMA files by simply dragging the file or folder from your PC and directly dropping them onto the space provided on the website. If you are using the mobile version of the converter, you can choose the file from your file manager.

Automatic conversion and download

After uploading your required WMA file, wait for the conversion to initiate. In a few seconds, you will receive your desired MP3 audio output, as the download process starts automatically, and the output file will be stored in your local drive.

How to choose the best online file converter?

An efficient online file converter will have the following key features:

  • You will get an easy drag-and-drop feature.
  • Apart from that, you should also be able to convert bulk files by uploading a folder.
  • The website should let you adjust the bitrate and other audio settings and select the desired output file format.
  • Check whether the online converter has an automatic download feature, that is, the converted file will be automatically saved on your PC’s/smartphone’s local drive without clicking on any ‘Download’ button.


In your search for “How to convert WMA to MP3”, an online converter can help you get great quality MP3 songs while saving your disk space. We know you love listening to songs and audiobooks. After converting your incompatible and large WMA files into MP3, you can continue enjoying the audio content.

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