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Content Marketing Tips to Attract and Nurture More Instagram Followers

The Instagram platform continues growing, and part of that is because the visually-oriented content you’ll find there presents virtually limitless options for creativity. It’s a social media platform where you can compose and shoot photos and create videos that showcase your passions. You can establish yourself as a visual artist there and promote your company or yourself if you’re an IG influencer.

You may feel discouraged if you’re not attracting as many Insta followers as you would like. Let’s review some marketing tips to get you moving in the right direction on this mega-popular platform.

Purchase Instagram Followers

One thing you might do is buy some IG subscribers. You may not think this technique falls into the marketing category, but it does. You can buy Instagram followers from the $1 package from one of these businesses that might appeal to you if you want to, but you don’t have much money to spend. 

Making this move:

  • If you’ve just created an Insta account, it will add fans, making you or your business seem more popular.
  • It lets you create the illusion of popularity that should soon bring you some organic IG followers.
  • It is a way to attract some platform users who might otherwise ignore your content.  

Spending a little cash on your first Instagram followers is something that so many companies, influencers, and other content creators do. It’s worth considering if you’ve started creating posts but feel your follower count is stagnant. 

Include Insta Live Feature to Your Content Plan

You should also know about the IG Live feature and what you can do with it. Instagram Live is a proven way to get views, but only if you use it to your best advantage. That means:

  • Only use it if you are sure you can create compelling publications;
  • Using it according to a set schedule each week;
  • Creating clear, professional-quality images.  

Only use the Insta Live feature if you’re sure you’re ready for prime time. In other words, know in advance what you’ll say and how you’ll say it. Create a script and stick to it because, since you’re live, there are no second takes. 

People love the immediacy of live-action videos like those taken through IG Live because they know that anything can happen. That can work to your advantage if you’ve devised a fantastic video idea and executed it flawlessly. The fact that you’re live can backfire as well if you flub a line, though. Try to practice what you’ll say as much as possible if you appear on camera. 

Make Content that’s Exclusive to Where You Are

Making posts that are exclusive to your locale is one way you should attract more Instagram followers. If you’re marketing yourself, your products, or your services, you want to make location-specific videos. Try to capture the sense of wonder in the mundane.

For example, maybe you’re creating Insta content in Nigeria or some other location with exotic plants and animal life. Capture the most exciting people, places, animals, landscapes, and anything else from that locale perfectly encapsulates what it’s like to live there.

Try to present the images and material to make the viewer feel like they are there. If they have never had a chance to visit that place and experience all that it has to offer, try to give them that. Allowing someone to live vicariously through your pictures and videos is one well-established way to generate some new IG followers as time passes. 

Optimize Your Content in Every Possible Way

The concept of optimization is critical for your marketing efforts. That is because:

  • Optimization allows interested people to find your Instagram page more easily;
  • The work of a few keystrokes can make your profile much more visible;
  • The busy work that goes into optimization often yields tangible, real-world results.

You may know about SEO as it relates to websites, but it’s equally essential on Insta. For instance, you can regard your IG bio as your account’s homepage, and you should optimize it accordingly.

That usually means creating a bio full of keywords that are relevant to your niche. It means creating a profile image and a username that make sense within the context of your niche and the kinds of publications you are creating. 

You must also need to feature plenty of links that guide your Instagram followers on a journey through your profile that’s easily mapped out. They should be able to go quickly and easily from your Insta bio to your company’s website if you have one. They should also be able to locate all your other social media accounts through your IG with no issues.

Post with Regularity

Posting on Instagram with regularity has two different components. The first one is posting at the same time every day, and the other is never neglecting to publish new publications.

If you look at the first part of that formula, it means coming up with a schedule for your posts that you feel works well for your Insta followers. If you want to get more people to follow your IG account, you want to be able to give them fresh content like clockwork. They should expect a new post at the same time every day or multiple times per day if you feel like you have enough news to justify that.

The other aspect of that formula is posting regularly, so your account does not become stagnant. You probably wouldn’t want to follow an account that posted periodically every day for six months but then tapered off and now only posts new content every couple of weeks.

Posting according to an erratic schedule sends the message that you don’t care about your social media accounts or Instagram followers. If you hope to gain some new ones, that’s precisely what you want to avoid. It would be best if you had a social media plan to become more predictable so that your fans would know when to expect a new post. 

Share Details About Your Profile

One more thing you might do if you want to land new followers is to partner with individuals or other companies who will talk about your publications, products, or services if you make anything you’re trying to sell. This straightforward promotional tactic should work because it means your posts and brand are being mentioned in as many different places as possible. 

Growing your Insta audience means you have a larger group of people who might buy your products or utilize your services. By finding brand advocates who will bring their audience along and mingle with yours, you should end up with an enormous group of individuals who will:

  • follow you on IG, 
  • buy things from you, 
  • talk about your brand independently, etc. 

Following these tips and other rules of social media marketing should increase your Instagram followers, and dedicating yourself to making your account destination viewing should also help. Try to look at your account with the eye of someone discovering it for the first time. When you do that, you can sometimes identify weaknesses that were not immediately obvious to you when you first created your IG profile. 



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