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Consumer Product Trends For 2022

The year 2022 will be different from what we have in place today. Consumers will be getting into the habit of buying smart and non-smart alike. The high-end is a niche segment; it is the mid and low-end that the market is looking out to capture the most. As we see it, consumer electronics will be a scenario of myriad hues, and this will mark the beginning of a new era for the consumer electronics sector.

The first consumer product trend for 2022 is the emergence of voice-controlled home automation. The explosion in the number of devices in the home has led to individuals spending hours using different hardware, software, and apps to program each of them. Solutions for voice-controlled home automation will dominate the market, freeing individuals from the need to spend hours setting up and configuring their devices.

The second consumer product trend is decreasing power bills by reducing home energy consumption through intelligent energy management systems and upgrades. Technology will be developed that senses when a light bulb, air conditioner, or other appliance needs servicing or replacing while also alerting users when they are using their devices excessively, leading to increased power bills. A replacement device will be developed that can monitor individual devices and notify owners when they are consuming too much power.


The third consumer product trend for 2022 is the introduction of non-toxic materials. It is a widely accepted fact that plastic is poisonous to our planet. Consumers are increasingly aware of this and are looking for alternative products that are not poisonous to the environment. Composite materials will be used more often by 2022. Carbon fiber composites will replace plastic in many products, such as bicycles. Roto-molded composites will replace plastic in many common household products. This has already happened in some areas of the world, such as Europe and Japan, but the change will not be complete until 2022.

The fourth consumer product trend for 2022 will be further advances in sensors and displays. The sensor technology behind mobile phones is improving rapidly. Today, touch sensors can detect the presence of another finger a few millimeters away with great accuracy, whereas this was almost impossible ten years ago.

The displays for mobile phones have also progressed rapidly over the last few years. Many devices have high-definition displays that show texts, videos, photos, and more in ways never before possible. Make sure to visit CrunchReviews for more exciting consumer tech trends and timely reviews.

The fifth consumer product trend is connected devices. At the center of this trend is the consumer. Consumers have become more intelligent and tech-savvy in the last few years and have begun to demand much more from their devices. With an increased demand for devices, consumers are looking for devices that they can control. The second consumer product trend is the rise of personal centers. These centers will be in the form of wearables and household appliances that the consumer can control through mobile devices or apps.

The sixth consumer product trend for 2022 is the rise of alternative radio technologies. This is a broad trend that includes: Bluetooth, Z-Wave, ZigBee, Wi-Fi, and yes, even Bluetooth LE. These types of technologies will be replacing AM/FM Radio by 2022. It won’t be an overnight change, but it will continue to grow throughout the ten years. Models supporting these types of connections will take over the market and become the standard operating procedure for how consumers listen to music.

The rise of Bluetooth will just be a catalyst for this change. New radio chipset manufacturers are constantly launching new chips that allow device manufacturers to connect using newer protocols. This creates a new method of connectivity that is more open than traditional AM/FM radio, as you can use freely available software or hardware to connect to your device without paying a licensing fee or being locked into one specific device or service.

Finally, in 2022 we will move away from simple protection. Security will become a product in its own right, built invisibly into all products, operating systems, services, and networks. Jammers, security guards, and anti-tampering devices will fade into the background. Security will stop being bolted on and become an invisible, ambient component of everything we do and use. In 2022 we will also stop thinking of privacy as an explicit value. Privacy will be embedded into our devices, apps, and services. Our personal data will no longer be seen as a currency to be displayed or sold but as a resource to be used internally to improve our lives.

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