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Conscious Markets Group Engages DLG Health, Municipal Offices for its Health Equity and Innovation Investment Product, Web3 Platform

Conscious Markets Group

Conscious Markets LLC (‘Conscious Markets Group’, ‘CMG’), an emerging community development financial institution (CDFI), has engaged a working group of health industry advisors, non-profit organizations and municipal Offices, most notably Office of Berkeley City Councilmember Ben Bartlett and DLG Health, to advise the company’s Health Equity & Innovation impact investment product. The product will contain PRIs leveraging legislative directives, technology and preventative care to address disparities in health outcomes in California.

Conscious Markets Group has engaged municipalities to explore unique Pay for Success Health Equity and Technology models that innovatively align stakeholders to health equity outcomes and cost-saving. CMG builds on the success of other Social Impact Bonds and Pay for Success models in the US, differentiating itself by investing in both people and shared technology to improve and reduce costs of care for the sickest, most underprivileged members of society. In these models, the municipalities will pay a significant portion of socioeconomic savings to private investors.

CMG is engaging municipal offices in California on legislative directives surrounding models that would be utilized in the Health Impact Investment product, to further its success. The investments within the product will use a two-pillared approach:

  1. Health Impact Investment  –  A 1-year term investment in preventative care, including Community Health Workers (CHWs), preventative value-based care services access, telemedicine, trauma/mental health care services, and a guaranteed basic income pilot. The projects will be managed by Oakland area-based Health Equity Ventures. Similar projects led by the Nevada Department of Health & Human Services, and by Denver Health Community Voices, generated 2-3X return (savings) on investment in CHWs.
  2. Health Equity & Innovation Platform –  The company will also develop a modular digital web 3.0 platform for care stakeholders such as care providers, local NGOs and government organizations, to better engage, deliver and measure new forms of care with the goal of achieving fairer outcomes, enhancing public data sharing, cost-center efficiencies, and seamlessly collecting and implementing feedback. The digital platform will have dashboards designed for each stakeholder. For example, the patient dashboard will collect feedback, provide educational resources, and extend access to care. Studies by MIMIT Health Systems and Mental Health Center of Denver showed regional healthcare networks reported 10X annual ROI on investments in cloud technology and automation. The platform will leverage CMG’s Social Return on Investment (SROI) framework to measure impact outcomes that matter most to care stakeholders.

Conscious Markets is a for-profit, diversely owned community investments company, founded by a management team with 60+ years of investment management, investment banking, NGO, and technology experience with leading firms such as J.P. Morgan Chase, Citibank and IBM (including over 30 patents granted). The company’s advisory board brings an additional 30 years of asset management experience and 30 years of community development experience to the team.

Conscious Markets exists to address the persistent funding disparities along demographic lines faced by early-to-medium stage companies and projects, through flexible financing options, technology  and program-related investments. The company will obtain a CDFI certification with the US Treasury Department, and is currently an Emerging Member of the African-American Alliance of CDFIs (AAACDFI), a coalition of 60+ black CDFI owners focused on giving back to underserved communities.

The Office of Berkeley City Councilmember Ben Bartlett is a strong advisor to CMG, with a long track record of innovation and equity work in its district. Since 2016, Bartlett has passed over 100 innovative and transformative policies.

DLG Health, led by Dr. Ashok Rattehalli, is a global health advisory firm focusing on technology and advanced medical solutions. DLG has been involved in large-scale enterprise level health IT and full-scope infrastructure projects globally for years, and will support the health innovations as part of the Health Impact Platform (HIP).

CMG CEO Ifeanyi Jemie stated, “The HIP is a team effort, with no limits to its creative curiosity and opportunity. It aligns with CMG’s ethos of sustainable impact financing – saving everyone money, altering incentives for greater impact, aligning stakeholders, and also passing benefits to investors. Through a like-minded working group developing new revolutionary models and tools of public and private sector  engagement, we can scale transformative impact and launch a truly integrated value-based digital healthcare ecosystem that surpasses borders.”

Interested investors should contact Conscious Markets Group at or schedule a meeting directly with Management today (expected close by Q4 2022).

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