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Conquering the Aviator game, let’s figure out how to play to win

Aviator is an engaging online crash casino game that you can find at

Still confused as to how to proceed? This article will transform you from an Aviator newbie to a potential pro. We’ll break down the game in a way that’s easy to learn. After reading, you’ll be equipped to use the Aviator best strategy and maybe win more often. Let us start with an overview.

Understanding the basics, what is the Aviator game?

The Aviator game is an exciting online casino slot with a unique design. This game was developed in 2019, by provider Spribe. As its name indicates, this game has an aviation theme and comes with sleek enticing graphics. But, how does it work?

The gameplay revolves around a virtual plane’s flight. Before takeoff, players place their bets. As the plane ascends, a multiplier is triggered, and its value steadily increases the longer the plane remains airborne. This multiplier has the potential to amplify winnings substantially.

To secure winnings, you must cash out before the plane disappears from the screen. Failure to do so results in a lost bet.

Aviator is popular because it’s fair. It is almost impossible to predict when the plane will fly off the screen. The reason is that the timing is determined randomly, as the game is Provably Fair. Additionally, the game has a 97% RTP. The Aviator price of bets ranges from $0.1 to $200 per bet.

Starting the game of Aviator, setting yourself up for success is very important

Before you start playing this Aviator bet game we will walk you through the steps to set yourself up for success.

Pick a Good Casino: Start by finding a trustworthy betting platform with the Aviator game. Look for one with good reviews and proper licenses.

Sign Up and Add Money: Create an account at the casino. Use real info—it helps when you want to take out winnings. Then, put money in your account.

Learn the Game Screen: Before you bet, look closely at the game screen. Find the bet button and the cash-out button along with other options.

Start with Small Bets: Start with tiny bets, even just 10 cents. Watch how the plane flies and when it crashes. By using a tiny Aviator bet, you can find your sweet spot without much risk.

Set Your Targets: Before you play Aviator, decide two things. First, how much do you want to win? Maybe you want to double your money. Also, determine the maximum amount you can comfortably lose. Say, no more than 20% of your cash.

Practice Your Timing: In Aviator, when you cash out matters most. Watch a few games without betting. See when other players take their money. Is it at 1.5x? 2x? This info helps you decide when to cash out.

Timing is everything: when to bet

In the Aviator game, timing is everything. One smart strategy is to leave early, cashing out when the multiplier is still small. Although you won’t win big each time, you’ll win more often. Moreover, watching past games can help. While each round is random, patterns sometimes emerge. Use this insight to test different exit points.

Take control of your bankroll

When playing the Aviator game online, good money management is also essential. One way you can achieve this is by setting a daily spending limit. Then, you can also break up your money into smaller parts. For instance, if you have $100 you can split it into ten places. This way, you risk $10 on each game, allowing you to play longer and have more chances to win big.

Next, pay attention to your game. If you’re winning, you can raise your bets a bit. However, if you’re losing, do the opposite—lower your bets. Finally, take breaks and track your play. After wins or losses, pause to clear your head.

Avoiding common Aviator mistakes, be careful

  1. Chasing Losses: One of the biggest mistakes is trying to recover losses by increasing bet sizes. Doing this usually leads to even bigger losses.
  2. Ignoring Limits: Always adhere to your pre-set limits for both wins and losses to prevent depleting your bankroll in a single session.
  3. Overconfidence: Winning a few new Aviator game rounds can lead to overconfidence. Stay grounded and stick to your strategy regardless of short-term outcomes.
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