Conquering All The Crypto Privacy Hurdles With Inheriti And Its Backup Solutions

Crypto Backup Solutions

Inheriti is the futuristic solution for inheritance plans and backup solutions brought to you by Safe Haven.  

As the cryptocurrency and blockchain markets capture the attention of young and old alike, it becomes all the more critical to make it a secure space in which to operate. Safe Haven has designed a solution to secure one’s most important information; but, how does Safe Haven ensure the trust and security of the platform itself?

Through the use of bug-bounty programs and third-party security audits, Safe Haven takes the steps to obstruct any possible gateway for mishap. 

There are almost 2,200 cyber-attacks all over the world every day and the counter to curb these malicious crimes is only a few. The crypto-space is not immune to such attacks and it is also possible that investors are involved in unfortunate events of personal loss or misplacement. In either scenario, they are often stuck with remorse and disappointment, as there is no support line that they can call. 

Safe Haven and its inheritance solution, Inheriti, recognizes the need to be a highly trusted platform that helpsaddress the issues above, and has combined effective safety measures and flawless features to create an ever-growing solution for crypto-enthusiasts. 

The Problems And A Solution: Inheriti

A digital wallet is where you store your crypto and crypto-investments for current use and future investment. Wallets are secured through a cryptic private key and/or a series of words that give you access to your holdings, whenever you want – virtually – wherever you want.  

Cryptocurrencies are the latest investment-craze for those who can tolerate volatile markets and steep learning curves, but once you find yourself operating within the space; opportunities abound. Despite this, cryptocurrencies are easy to access, store, and purchase. 

The issue lies in the fact that the person/owner of the wallet or critical data can expose themselves or their efforts can go unnoticed if their loved ones cannot access the data, need they.

Inheriti tackles this problem by enabling the people to make copies of their critical information in case they fail to access their wallet or a loved one must access it. Safe Haven has also provided a plethora of fail-safe mechanisms to avert others from gaining access to your information, prior to your wishes. 

But Why Trust It? 

  • The platform is certified by Red4Sec Cybersecurity. After a thorough review of both the Safe Haven and its flagship application Inheriti, it has been established that they store no critical data.
  • It is fully decentralized and the data stored within the plan is highly distributed. 
  • Inheriti uses a Hardware Security Module (HSM) to distribute the data safely over to cold storage devices in the form of fragments.

Highly Developed Security Protocols

  • Inheriti uses cryptography, an unwavering and patent-pending protocol, “Secret Sharing Distribution Protocol” (SSDP), which also serves as the main component of this platform.
  • Inheriti enables the wonder of splitting a single data string into pieces or shares. Once created, these are distributed to multiple holders with Safe Haven’s FIDO2 / U2F ‘SafeKey’.
  • Inheriti also works with 3-layer topology. Safe Haven uses a combination of cold storage (SafeKey) + cloud storage (database) + DLT storage (Blockchain). This combination makes it quantum-proof. Hence, while the world strives to achieve more insight into the future of computers, this platform is already free from attacks by quantum computers. Truly, a leap into the future!

A Partnership With Ethical Hackers

  • Safe Haven works with ethical hackers who are experts in the field and help to capture any vulnerabilities of the system and further mitigate any looming risks. Any potential short-comings, Safe Haven quickly addresses and then reverts back to quality assurance.

Final Thoughts…

Inheriti prioritizes the security of its users more than anything else. The solution as a whole, very much limits the potential of breach through the use of their partnered security firms and [built] 3-layer topography. It is one of the most secure platforms providing inheritance solutions and backup plans on the blockchain. 

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