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Connor Paddon Shares 3 Pro Tips on Building a Successful Real Estate Portfolio

What comes to our mind when we think about the term “visionary leader”? The technology field has given us some of the greatest visionaries in the modern era, who have been innovators, seen the big-picture, and set out to impact the world in ways we never witnessed before. One such multi-talented and visionary personality is Connor Paddon.

With diverse expertise spanning Software as a Service (SaaS), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and eCommerce, Connor Paddon has established himself as a prominent name in the digital space. Connor is also a co-founder of the Canadian software company OnSched with a clientele, including Bauer Hockey, Drug Mart, Lush Cosmetics, Shoppers Rexall, and others to power appointment scheduling infrastructure.

Born in Toronto and a high school dropout, 30-year-old Connor Paddon’s passion, innovation, and ability to adapt to new challenges have inspired him to create several ventures, including the SEO agency, SearchBoost, and 

Connor’s work at OnSched has impacted millions of Canadians by providing infrastructural support in scheduling COVID vaccines, flu shots, in-store retail appointments, and other niches.

One of the focal points of Connor’s career has been building a portfolio of residential (Airbnb) real estate in Prince Edward County.

When it comes to building a successful real estate portfolio, Connor shares the following pro tips:

  1. An in-depth understanding of complex algorithms is essential for gaining top spots on the Google search engine. 
  2. Launching multiple real-estate sites across major cities will generate organic leads for the company.
  3. Insights into the numbers will give a clearer picture. Also, during the first 1 to 3 months, a real-estate website has to post content between 30,000 and 40,000 words for higher impact.

When asked why he chose this career, Connor says, “Fell into digital marketing by doing it for small (failed) businesses and transitioned to an agency. Marketing led the rest of my ventures later”.

In his personal life, Connor Paddon is a licensed pilot and flies planes for fun.

In the future, Connor plans to transition out of OnSched and will develop a prime tattoo brand that he expects will bring together the artist community.

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