Connecting The Unconnected: What Is the World Mobile Token And How It Contributes To The Crypto World

We live in such a time that it is difficult to meet a person who doesn’t have access to the network. But they exist. 48% of the world’s population (approximately 3.6 billion people) live without the Internet. Most of them are from the least developed countries and don’t know the benefits of the World Wide Web.

Well, the World Mobile project is trying to handle this through blockchain and the sharing economy. The project is based on a WMT token. How does it work? Let’s figure it out together.

World Mobile Token Tokenomics Unboxed

Of the huge number of people cut off from the Internet, 78% are residents of the African continent. It’s this audience that the project is trying to take out of the darkness in the first place. The business model of World Mobile is transparent: through the use of renewable solar energy and unlicensed spectrum, the project seeks to reduce capital costs by sharing them with users around the world. By providing local business owners with reasonably priced network nodes and implementing blockchain-based digital identities, the company increases the economic independence, digital access, blockchain adoption, and internet connection of the African continent.

According to, World Mobile is deploying a hybrid network infrastructure and working with traditional telecommunications companies to bring connectivity to regions that need it. And the World Mobile Token (WMT) is the fuel for the unstoppable World Mobile network.

It is a unique asset built on the Cardano blockchain that is employed to compensate users and node operators for network security, transaction processing, and connection.

Whether it’s staking, managing the EarthNode, connecting other nodes, securing the network, or providing value-added services, WMT tokenomics offers users many ways to benefit from storing and operating.

How does Mobile World Token work in essence?

EarthNode operators that secure and process transactions on the World Mobile Chain are rewarded in the World Mobile tokens for their role as the core of the network. Stakers will be able to transfer their tokens to the EarthNode operator of their choice and be rewarded for their role in securing the network.

The cycle below describes the core economics of the WMT ecosystem tokens:

  • World Mobile customers buy recharge vouchers in their local currency, which allows them to make calls, send text messages, and surf the Internet.
  • The World Mobile project stores funds received from customers who purchase vouchers.
  • Clients make transactions, and EarthNode operators get WMT for processing them.
  • World Mobile uses funds held in the Treasury to buy back WMT on the open market to reward EarthNode members and operators for handling transactions and maintaining network security.
  • This cycle repeats as the network grows. Customers and revenues are growing, but WMT deliveries remain the same.

If it’s quite simple, the distribution of the Internet to others is rewarded with the WMT cryptocurrency.

The cost of data, calls and text messages in the World Mobile network is indicated in local currency and doesn’t depend on the price of WMT, which simplifies the work with the consumer.

Since the total revenues from node operators will equal the total network fees, EarthNodes rewards, and staking rewards could increase significantly with the introduction of the World Mobile network.

At the time of writing, the WMT token price is $0.2046.

Buying the WMT token

WMT is listed on the following exchanges:

  • Kucoin
  • HuobiGlobal
  • MEXCGlobal
  • ZB
  • BitMart
  • true
  • SundaeSwap
  • WinGriders
  • MinSwap
  • MuesliSwap
  • MilkySwap

What can you do with WMT?

  • Protect your network by hosting or delegating an EarthNode.
  • Transfer peer-to-peer transactions or pay online.
  • Cover calls, texts, web data, or Internet services usage.

According to the founder of World Mobile, the operation of the token on the most promising blockchain moves the project’s vision forward. WMT fuels the ecosystem by enabling thousands of people to access necessities, including access to education, banking or simply entertainment. 

Let’s see if this project with altruistic views will get to the moon. 

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