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Connecting NBN to Your Home

In general, since a granny flat shares an address with the main home on a property it cannot be given a new NBN network connection by an NBN technician, but must be connected via the main home. It involves extending the connection from the primary residence to the granny flat by either extending the signal of your Wi-Fi or by installing additional cabling.

There are three things to think about

  1. Are you going to be applying for a new address for the granny flat? If you are subdividing one property into several lots then you can apply as a new development for each to access the network.
  2. Will there be a need for more cabling via an NBN private technician? They need to be registered and use the guidelines and standards set by NBN.
  3. Are you looking for additional services? Talk to your provider about what they offer, the plans they have and keep in mind additional services for the granny flat may incur additional costs, or have specific requirements.

How to optimize your phone and internet experience

1) Upgrade your modem – when you choose a modem thinking about what your specific needs are you can improve the experience you have. Have fixed devices like a desktop computer or TV connected directly with an internet cable to the modem. Make sure the modem is compatible with the network. Make sure it supports higher speeds. Having more antennas is a good idea though some are inside the modem so ask before you buy. Check whether changing modems is going to affect your phone service.

2) Look for objects that could get in the way – objects can reflect and absorb the signals and how much that interrupts depends on the material of the object so make sure your NBN technician positions it well. Avoid putting the modem behind metal panels, shelves, water, mirrors, cupboards, solid walls, large appliances, and TVs.

3) Make sure you connect to the correct band – most modems have two bands and each has its advantages and disadvantages.     

4) Move the modem away from brick or thick walls – when you are closer to the modem you will have a better signal and thick walls blocking it is not a good idea. Talk to your NBN private technician so you get the best signal. It is best in a central and raised area not on the floor, it is a good idea to have it in your line of sight and you could invest in an extender or repeater to make the signal stronger.   

5) Along with those in the granny flat how many devices will be connected at once – with several at the same time you need strong wi-fi and might want to invest in a faster speed package with stronger wi-fi capability. When you have just a basic modem and you have 8 or more devices connected at once you will see your speeds are being impacted. Talk to your service provider.


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