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Condition Monitoring Service is cast to exceed the valuation of US$ 6.79 Bn by 2031: FMI

The Condition Monitoring Service Market is estimated to reach US$ 3.52 billion in 2022, growing at a robust 9.8% CAGR over the forecast period. According to a reserve Future Market Insights (FMI) report, significant growth in the condition monitoring service market is primarily driven by the expansion of the facility generation industry, which accounts for a significant portion of the overall market value, followed by the chemical and petrochemical industries.

Increasing urbanization and rapid industrialization are creating significant potential for important automotive and transportation industry participants, boosting the global adoption of condition monitoring services. On the other hand, the current global coronavirus pandemic is estimated to cost the global economy $1 trillion by 2022. as per the UN Conference on Trade and Development.

The automotive, logistics, and petrochemical industries, in particular, are well within the radar of the potential impact of the virus.  Several business executives have halted their manufacturing operations, given the large-scale lockdowns in the majority of countries. As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, condition monitoring services would see a notable decline in their adoption.

The automotive, logistics, and petrochemical industries, in particular, are all on the lookout for the virus’s possible impact. Given the widespread lockdowns in the majority of countries, several business CEOs have ceased their industrial operations. Condition monitoring services would witness a significant drop in use as the COVID-19 epidemic spreads.

Key Findings from the Condition Monitoring Service Market Research

  • According to our research, the revenue pool of the condition monitoring service market is being shaped by the portable machine diagnostic sector, as portable equipment is utilized to interpret data from sensors, saving time of operation.
  • Integration of condition monitoring software with computerized maintenance management services and process control software is an emerging trend in the global condition monitoring service market in the current scenario.
  • Because of its strong industrial expansion and high adoption of condition monitoring services, North America is a key market for the services and is likely to maintain its dominance.
  • Vibration analysis and oil analysis generate almost 55 percent of revenue in the global condition monitoring service industry. The development of these strategies is being fueled by a growing focus on maintenance to reduce asset downtime.
  • Assets must be monitored continuously or at regular intervals to minimize asset downtime, especially in facilities such as power plants and petrochemical plants. Given the need for highly precise outcomes in such facilities, manufacturers are working to improve condition monitoring software that may be linked to services to capture data.

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