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Concrete Ways To Monetize Your Instagram Account

You might be following some popular Instagrammers and witness their success on Instagram. You see them making a living just by sharing it, and you dream about it too. You tell yourself that if they have succeeded, it is possible for you too.

But how concretely?

This is what we will see together in this article. There are many ways to make money on this social network. So if making money on Instagram has been a challenge for you, pay attention to what’s next.

1. Sponsored Content

Sponsorship is the first step to making money on Instagram. It is a method somewhat similar to selling via word of mouth. With sponsored content creation, you get paid by brands to talk about their products or services on your Instagram account.

Your income with this method depends on your notoriety on the platform. So, the more subscribers you have, the more you earn.

If notoriety counts, other figures such as the engagement rate and the chosen niche are also essential points that brands take into account to contact you and pay you.

If your content is interesting enough, you don’t need millions of followers to let the brands notice you on Instagram. In general, a reasonable engagement rate and a minimum of 1,000 subscribers are already enough to be seen as a potential partner.

There are two types of influencers on Instagram: influencers with more than 10,000 followers and influencers with less than 10,000 followers. You should know that an Instagrammer with few subscribers will likely have a much more specialized community in one area. At the same time, an influencer with a million subscribers risks having a slightly larger audience, which gives less precise targeting.

2. Brand ambassador status

We all know the influencer, but we hear less about the ambassador. However, the ambassador represents a virtual image of reliability with the brand. This status allows you to create a solid relationship with it over the long term.

Being an ambassador offers many significant advantages: you contribute to promoting products, you participate in meetings, you are invited to events, you share moments between ambassadors in real life, etc.

It even happens that you and several other ambassadors of the same brand meet with the managers to set up various future projects.

3. Membership

The principle of membership is simple. This is based on using a referral link provided by a brand. Your role is to insert the link in your Instagram posts or stories to earn a commission each time you make a sale via your affiliate link.

This method is the easiest to implement if you want to earn money quickly and free on Instagram. You can even use it in real life, talking about the affiliate product around you (if someone asks you, for example, where you bought those jeans or where you found your great sports set).

You can place your link in several posts without limit of use. However, use it sparingly so as not to bore your followers. Indeed, if you only talk about that, or almost, it is possible that it annoys your subscribers and that they end up distancing themselves from your content. And so to see your number of subscribers decrease over time.

And you know what that means? Less audience = fewer accounts affected = less money. So, for maximum compensation, be sure to choose affiliate partnerships with high commissions. The products or services in question will, of course, have to correspond to what you like as well as to your values.

Don’t try to lie to your audience by offering them a referral link that has absolutely nothing to do with what you usually share. All you will gain is, again, a loss of subscribers.

4. Sell your products

Are you an entrepreneur or skilled with your hands? Then, think about selling your products on Instagram. These can be digital items, physical products, or services.

It’s not for nothing that Instagram now has its “shop” tab where you can place your products with their prices and descriptions. Kind of like a marketplace. This operation will be up to you to act as both a brand and a promoter. Clearly, to be in the oven and the mill.

It might not be easy at first, but you’ll be free to promote your way, grow your following, and skyrocket your Instagram revenue.

5. Be passionate

Most Instagrammers-turned-influencers started out posting for fun. Often it was their hobby. And if finally, that was the key to success on Instagram? Do it out of passion and not seek partnerships immediately?

Do you love posting pictures of your breakfasts? Taking photos in nature with your dog or posting lifestyle photos? Be aware that this may be enough to appear interesting to users who come across your profile.

When you post spontaneously, brands understand that you’re not trying to be known at all costs but that you prefer to remain authentic. And it is this somewhat unique asset that will make you the ideal partner for collaboration.

Brands will be mentioned naturally from you and won’t feel like you’re forcing yourself. Moreover, by seeing your passion for what you share and the resulting relationship with your followers, many brands will naturally come to you without contacting them.

6. Sell your knowledge

On the same principle as the sale of products, the sale of your skills can prove to be a significant source of income on this platform.

Do you have expertise?

Millions of groups and businesses can be found on Instagram. Exposing what you know about the subjects you are passionate about constitutes a kind of continuous online portfolio. If not designed on a dedicated site, your publications are made up of.

If you want to develop your business on Instagram, don’t wait any longer to share your knowledge with your audience.

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